Yōkai Knowledge (妖怪脳, Yōkai nō; Viz "Yōkai Brain") is a website created and maintained by Kiyotsugu with the purpose of assisting in his yōkai research. It contains a message board named "Yōkai Current Events Free Talk" (妖怪時事放談, Yōkai jiji hōdan) which Kiyotsugu checks regularly. The site itself contains a wealth of information on yōkai and all things related to them, as well as a means to contact Kiyotsugu himself. There are a series of omake in the tankōbon also titled "Yokai Knowledge", where Kiyotsugu and the Kiyojūji Paranormal Investigation Squad call for and answer various questions concerning yōkai which have been submitted by readers, thus mimicking the function of the website.

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