Location OutlineEdit

Template:Location Infobox XX Village is a group of villages that went completely off the map in the year 2000 after a large group of suicides occurred there which became an urban legend in Japan and later been told on every kind of communications (such as newspapers, books, internet blogs, etc.), but it fad for a short while until a high rate of people or enthusiasts went missing trying to find this village. No one believe that the urban legend is real or even related to the missing people until a video clip was shown through a video posting site and later became a popluar topic (supposely in Ryuji Keikain's school) in the year 2010.

Its is later revealed to be created from presumely humans' fears (through ghost story telling) at an abandoned house with a pile of human corpses in a corner along with a dusty-looking bag inside the house.


Ryuji mentioned that the urban legend fad 10 years ago in his school and knew the urban legend started in the year 2000. So at this point; we now know the storyline is in the year 2010.

It is unknown if Yanagida is the one who started this urban legend and spread it around with the humans, but it is shown that he was there to record/write down about the legend just right after Ryuji and Yura defeated the yokai in the village.

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