• Oniikami

    tsurara.... oh well

    July 7, 2011 by Oniikami

    being new to the whole wiki thing i'm "rewriting" what i wrote ten minutes ago (i clearly have no clue where it went when i published it). anyway, i said before....

    i think cried a little deep inside when i fully understood the curse of gitsune. before, i had thought that yamabuki otome was unable to bare a child because of her own curse (as i was unable to piece together that at that time in the story, yamabuki and gitsune were separate entities) and not on something else. well, back into the present time and i'm sort of aggravated. all this time i spent thinking how cool it would've been if my -sort of fandom- hopes of a (would it have been 5/8 yokai?) girl child with the beauty of a yuki onna but the powers of ice and stealth. but with t…

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