Who was Kubinashi?

Kubinashi (首無?, lit. Neckless) Voiced by:[http:// Takahiro Sakurai Takahiro Sakurai]
As his name would imply, his head floats above his shoulders and he has no neck. He is one of Rikuo's demon guardians and frequently takes care of laundry around the Nura mansion. He fights using thread/string that entangles the target the more it struggles, which can become as strong as chains by imbuing it with his "fear." When he was alive, he and a friend were toyed with and killed by yōkai. As a result, he became a yōkai himself in order to exact revenge. After Rikuo becomes head of the Nura clan, Kubinashi is promoted into the elite class of the family and becomes one of Rikuo's territorial commanders.
Prior to meeting (and being defeated by) Rihan Nura, he was well known as Jōshū no Gensatsushi (lit. "the string assassin of Hitachi Province") and went around killing yōkai. Though Rihan originally intended to kill him, Kubinashi was protected by Kejōrō and ended up joining Rihan's Hyakki Yakō.
In Kyoto, after the Nura Clan's forces are devastated by Tsuchigumo, Kubinashi goes back to his old murderous ways and becomes determined to single-handedly take down the Kyoto yōkai and ultimately Hagoromo-Gitsune herself. He is confronted by Ibaraki Douji at the 6th seal of Ryuuenji and is nearly killed trying to fight alone. Kejourou literally knocks sense into him and they battle Ibaraki Douji together with slightly more success. Ultimately, however, they are rescued by Kappa and Yura when things take a turn for the worse.
  • Techniques
    • "Ayatori" String Technique, Rasenjin (cat's cradle: spiral blade)
    • "Ayatori" String Technique, Kusari Gumo
    • "Ayatori" String Technique, Jyakou Yaiba (cat's cradle: slithering blade)

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