• Lynxian

    Working out a Timeline

    July 18, 2011 by Lynxian

    This is mostly for reference, and keeping track of my speculations/findings relating to the timeline of events in the series. Updated sporadically.

    (chapter 2) waning crescent moon
    (chapter 3) waxing crescent moon
    (chapter 4) is one day after (chapter 3)
    -- 2 week span between (chapter 2) and (chapter 3/4)? Usually about 2 weeks between waning and waxing moon. Kiyotsugu says he hasn't spoken with Rikuo/Kana since "that night" and is clearly still shaken.
    (chapter 9) takes place the week before Golden Week. Shima says Golden Week starts the following weekend.
    (chapter 10-17) April 29-May 6, Golden Week.
    -- (chapter 10) DAY 1. Ride from Tokyo-to to Maibara, Shiga Prefecture on the Shinkansen. Approximately 2.5 hours. They likely leave late in the mornin…
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