Three Way Fusion

Shikigami Fusion





Santai Yūgō

Literal English

Three Body Fusion



Nurarihyon no Mago Chapter #198

Appears in

Manga only

Technique Data


  • Yura Keikain
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Three Way Fusion (三体融合, Santai Yūgō) is a ability used by Yura Keikain learned from Hidemoto Keikain during her training after the battle against the Kyōto Yōkai. According to Hidemoto Keikain, the technique is a step short from a "gray" existence, because of Yura's young age which it isn't a prohibited technique.

The Hagun will give Yura powers when she requesting it to them. To activate the ability, she need to get some time and fuses her Shikigami's which is called Shikigami Fusion (式神融合, Shikigami Yūgō).


  • Rentei, Rokuson and Hagun: When she is fusing with them, it will make her onmyōji skirt longer as so does her hair and gaining a unique forehead protector and large bow and arrow. She can perform her step up technique of the Yomi Okuri: Yura MAX.

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