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# Chapter Titles

53 Anguish
54 False Words
Itsuwari no Kotoba
55 Mutual Deception
56 True Colors
57 Yura Keikain's Assent
Keikain Yura no Nattoku
58 Spirit Blade: Nenekirimaru, Part 1: Strange Tales of Ukiyoe Town: Oitekebori
妖刀・祢々切丸その1 浮世絵町奇譚 置行堀
Yōtō Nenekirimaru Sono Ichi: Ukiyoe-chō Kitan Oitekebori
59 The Taimatō and the Pipe, Spirit Blade Nenekirimaru: Part 2
退魔刀とキセル 妖刀・祢々切丸その2
Taimatō to Kiseru: Yōtō Nenekirimaru Sono Ni
60 Nurarihyon and Yōhime, Spirit Blade Nenekirimaru: Part 3
ぬらりひょんと珱姫 妖刀・祢々切丸その3
Nurarihyon to Yōhime: Yōtō Nenekirimaru Sono San

Viz Summary Edit

Rikuo encounters three siblings from the house of Keikain who are from a generations-long line of yokai hunters. Yura, the sister of the trio, is not sure what to think of Rikuo and seems to be unconvinced as to whether he is friend or foe. But her brothers have other ideas. And the battle that ensues is epic!

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