The Dispute of the Main House (実録奴良組史 本家抗争編, Jitsuroku Nura-gumi Shi: Honke Kōsō-hen) is a extra chapter of the Nurarihyon no Mago manga written by Hiroshi Shiibashi.

Summary Edit

4 years ago, after that Rikuo and his group defeated the Gagoze Alliance, Karasu Tengu organized a special meeting about: "who" will attend Rikuo primary school. A lot of yōkai around the main house wants to go but they must disguise perfectly as a human which a lot falls off. First one was Kejōrō who perfectly dressed herself as a school doctor, the second one was Tsurara, which a lot of yōkai voted for her to go there. Later Kubinashi where also doing the same thing, which he ask if there cannot be a male attendant to go to Rikuo's school. As final of all, Aotabō dressed himself either which could be compared as a P.E. Teacher. For some unknown reasons he got voted and became Kurata.

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