General TermsEdit

  • Yōkai are creatures of Japanese folklore.
  • Humans are ordinary people.
  • Onmyōji are specialists who protect against evil spirits.
  • Sakazuki is a ritual of pledging loyalty.
  • Hyakki Yakō is a term for the night parade of 100 demons.
  • Hyaku Monogatari is a practice of telling 100 frightening stories at a gathering.

Types of FearEdit

  • Osore is term that denotes the unique skills and traits of each yōkai.
  • Hatsu is the first stage of activating "Fear", and is simply an attempt to scare an opponent by exerting a frightening aura.
  • Hyoui is the second stage of activating "Fear" used in yōkai battles.

Techniques, Weapons, and Related TermsEdit


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