Taisei Gokadoin


(御門院泰世, Gokaidon Taisei)

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Gender Male Male


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"Gokadoin House" is not in the list of possible values (Nura Clan, Kyōto Yōkai Clan, Hyaku Monogatari Clan, Bakeneko Clan, Bakenekoya, Centipede Tribe, Club ChuChu, Daruma Alliance, First District, Gagoze Alliance, Gyūki Clan, Gyūki Mansion, Hideshima Domain, Hideshima Shrine, Hiyoshi Gongen shrine, Kantō Great Ape Alliance, Keikain House, Keikain Main House, Kijo Clan, Kiyotsugu's Family Villa, Kusaka Shrine, Kyōto, Kyōto Yōkai, Kyūso Clan, Mount Hiei, Mount Kurama, Mount Nejireme, Mount Takao Tengu Party, Mt. Osore, Mukurowaguruma Gang, Nijō Castle, Nishihōgan-ji, Noppera Group, Nuega-Ike, Nura House, Obake Clan, One-Eyed Cedar, One-Eyed Demon Clan, Rokukin-ji, Sanba Garasu, Seiei-ji, Shikoku, Shikoku Hachijūhakki Yakō, Shimabara, Sōkoku-ji, Three-Eyed Party, Togyunobo, Tsurara Clan, Tōfu Kozō, Tōno Village, Ukiyoe General Hospital, Ukiyoe Middle School, Ukiyoe Town, Umewakamaru's Shrine, Ushigakure Cave, XX Village, Yakushi Clan, Yamanba Group, Yōhime's Family's Mansion, Yōkai Merchant Confederation, Ōsaka Castle, Ōshū Tōno Family) for this property.
Gokadoin House



Nurarihyon no Mago Chapter #186

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Manga only

Shikigami Summoning

Taisei Gokaidon (御門院泰世, Gokadoin Taisei) is a member and one of the successors of the Gokaidon House.

Personality Edit

He appears to be extremely loyal to Seimei, as he sacrifices himself to protect the Gokadoin House. He's extremely cold-blooded killing everyone who is against Seimei. He wont listen to people, if they oppose Seimei. 

Summary Edit

Gokadoin House Arc Edit

Main article: Gokadoin House Arc

He uses "spirit summoning" to kill Rikuo and the others on their way to Akifusa. He then counts how many peoples are in Rikuo's group, saying that if they oppose Seimei evenly it kills him, it will make them regret stepping foot on Mt. Osore. He then uses another stage of the "spirit summoning" technique called the "night of the death". Once he sees that Rikuo and his group has troubling battling the spirits he then heads off to Akifusa. Once he comes to Akifusa, he tells him that he starts how many months it was since Akifusa was begging him to teach him a huge level of concentration. He then grab Akifusa saying that he was mistaking about that. Momoishi tries to stop Taisei from hurting Akifusa. Taisei tells Momoishi that she must open her eyes, because Akifusa was making a blade for Rikuo. After that Taisei was telling Akifusa that Rikuo was here, Akifusa then freed himself from Taisei's grip saying that it was all he need to know. Akifusa then explains Taisei and Momoishi the reason why he's doing that. Akifusa then says that he don't allow what Akifusa is doing, because he is the ancestor of the "Nue". After that Rikuo appeared, Taisei is battling him. Akifusa warns Rikuo that his scythe can destroy any kinds of swords. Taisei then fights Rikuo, telling him that he sacrificed his companions like pounds. Rikuo then tells him that he doesn't saying that he has faith in them. After that Rikuo got the Nenekirimaru, Teisei tells him that he will destroy the blade and continue battling Rikuo. Later he releases the "Spirit Blades" to finish Rikuo off, but Rikuo dodges them. The spirit blades then came back on Taisei's Hagurugama. He then starts to attack the Nenekirimaru with his Hagurugama, but it has been destroyed by Rikuo's Nenekirimaru.

Abilities Edit

Taisei is a user of spirit summoning, which he can activate the Gokadoin Barrier and also summons the spirits that he traps his enemies inside him. His equipment a death scythe is a powerful scythe that can completely destroy blades from Mt. Osore. The spiral sharp toothed forms from the scythe can be freed from the scythe to destroy the blades that has been created on Mt. Osore, but except the Nenekirimaru. He is also strong in physical strength, showing that he strangled Akifusa with one hand.

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