(通りゃんせ, Tōryanse)

  • Tōryanse the Slasher (切裂とおりゃんせ, Kirisaki Tōryanse; Literally meaning "Toryanse the Ripper")
  • Tooryanse

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Nurarihyon no Mago Chapter #138

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Manga only

Shikigami Summoning

Tōryanse (通りゃんせ, Tōryanse) a was a yōkai created by the Hyaku Monogatari Clan and also was a member of the clan. He was the first clan member to announced which clan he was from before his death at Rikuo's matoi technique.

Synopsis Edit

Tōryanse Arc Edit

Tōryanse first appeared using his fear to trapped and kill Ayako then stole her face.

15 years later; Tōryanse re-appeared and used his song and one of his female captives to get Rikuo's attention in order to separated Rikuo from Shōei. In a separate dimension created by Tōryanse; he began to overpowering Rikuo with his fear. Before he could proceed to kill Rikuo; Shōei sense Tōryanse's fear, quickly transformed to his yōkai form, and used his technique Taien, Hihi no Oodachi to destroy Tōryanse's separate dimension. With his dimension destroyed and now facing two opponents; Tōryanse then revealed the inside of his cloak (which was covered with stolen faces of all his female captives) and began crushing some of them to increase the strength of his fear and then proceed to attack Rikuo. But before Tōryanse could do so, he was swiftly killed by Rikuo's matoi technique with Shōei. As the result of his death, all his female captives (the souls) were set free and can finally rest in peace.

Abilities Edit

Tōryanse's fear is the same as Oitekebori except the rules are different. Tōryanse's rule were that he can unconditionally sucking in anyone (mostly females) who hears his song and enters the shadow of the narrow path, but his fear does not work on those who prevent themself from hearing his song. Tōryanse had a technique where he can increase the strength of his fear and transformed the blades of his scissor-like weapon into something similar to a Venus fly trap's mouth or a huge crab-like claw by crushing the stolen faces of those he killed.

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