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Blades howling!!

Kidōmaru and Rikuo clad in Kurotabō's fear continue their fight, with the former on the defensive. Each of Rikuo's sword swings is accompanied by a variety of weapons attacking in unison, and not even Kidōmaru's speedy sword attacks can block them all. In a combination of awe and smugness, Rikuo comments on this second form of matoi which his father once used. His opponent, meanwhile, is heavily injured and his sleeves have been reduced to shreds - but still refuses to give up. Declaring that he can't fall here yet, Kidōmaru leaps onto Rajōmon's rooftop and stabs his swords into the wood. Seconds later, two monstrous blades burst from the rooftop on either side of him and he explains that because he could no longer increase his speed after a thousand years of training, he instead changed his sword. With that, he launches an attack with his Kengeki-Muryō technique.

Rikuo is unable to dodge the number of swords or the sheer strength of the technique and so uses his own fear to avoid it and reappear behind Kidōmaru. Blocking Kidōmaru's sword arm with one hand, Rikuo stabs him with the other and Kidōmaru falls. Ibaraki Douji glances up in surprise from his fight against Kubinashi and Rikuo explains that this type of matoi is called kasane, and it involves a layering of two fears. He brazenly asks the fallen Kidōmaru if the latter had forgotten the fear shown to him in Toono.

Below, Kubinashi voices his pride in what a good commander Rikuo has become, stating that the Hyakki Yakō won't lose to the likes of the Kyōto yōkai. Ibaraki Douji is unperturbed, and Kidōmaru slowly struggles to pull himself to his feet. He says that protecting the thousand years during which they have waited was his true wish - and the floor beneath Rikuo's forces implodes upward. As the Hyakki Yakō move to safety, a giant black ball rises from the broken floorboards and Rikuo catches a glimpse of a familiar face shooting past him.

The giant ball crashes through the rest of Rajōmon, destroying it, and as the Hyakki Yakō below watches, a shadowy figure appears from the clearing smoke: Hagoromo Gitsune, on the verge of giving birth.

At last, Hagoromo Gitsune appears before Rikuo! What next...?!

Characters That AppearEdit


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