Spiral Barrier

Spiral Barrier





Rasen Kekkai

Literal English

Spiral Barrier



Nurarihyon no Mago Chapter #201

Appears in

Manga only

Technique Data


  • Tenkai Gokadoin
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Spiral Barrier (螺旋結界, Rasen Kekkai) is a ability used by Tenkai Gokadoin. The spiral barrier can be used throughout the Spiral Seal that is created inside the Aoi Castle. The Ammonites where the ones who where creating the outline of the barrier. The barrier contains to have a spiral shape and is massively large which can be misread by most of his opponents, it can protect the user from it and also trap his opponents inside of it. This barrier and the Spiral Seal are known as the perfect seal and barrier, which no Human can inthe barrier and no any ayakashi. Only if the wielder of the ability is defeated.

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