Shikoku Arc

The Shikoku Arc (四国編, Shikoku-hen; Literally meaning "Shikoku Chapter or The Shikoku Part") spans roughly chapters 20-47 of the manga and episodes 10-25 of the anime. The main antagonist is Inugamigyōbu Tamazuki and his Shikoku Hachijūhakki Yakō. This story starts when one of the board members of the Nura Clan is attacked and killed, and Nurarihyon subsequently disappears without notice, the Nura Clan is thrown into chaos. Trying to keep them together, Rikuo encounters a rival faction from the Shikoku area who intend to take over the Nura Clan's territory. Their leader, Tamazuki, is ruthless and willing to sacrifice his subordinates to further his own goals. Rikuo and his Hyakki Yakō battle with Tamazuki and his Hachijūhakki Yakō (consisting of 88 demons, instead of the 100 of a Hyakki Yakō) and emerge victorious, but spare Tamazuki in the end at the request of his father - who Nurarihyon had gone to visit. Tamazuki is spared under the condition that he build a memorial in honor of the subordinates who died by his hand.

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