Shikikami (式紙, Shikikami) are a pair of Shikigami used by Hidemoto Keikain. They resemble small courtesans with slit-like eyes but are actually little boys (童子) and are used for a wide range of things including serving tea and transportation, as they are able to change shape. They seem to have mischievous personalities that mimic Hidemoto's own, and are greatly disliked by his brother Koremitsu as they tease him. In the anime, they are voiced by Natsumi Takamori.


  • They ranked 59th in the first character popularity poll with 30 votes, tied with Hitotsume Nyūdō.
  • The manga uses the kanji 式紙 (read as "shikikami") for their name, whereas the anime instead uses 式神 (the kanji for shikigami, with an alternate reading).

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