Shikigami Blending: Konjōsui Flowers

Shikigami Kyōgen- Konshōsui no Hana2






Shikigami Yūgō Kyōgen: Konshōsui no Hana

Literal English

Shikigami Blending: Purification Flowers



Nurarihyon no Mago Chapter #55


Nurarihyon no Mago Episode #3

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Offensive, Defensive




  • Ryūji Keikain
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Shikigami Blending: Konjōsui Flowers (式神卿言:金生水の花, Shikigami Kyōgen: Konshōsui no Hana) is a powerful technique which acquires Gyōgen to use the technique. This technique serves as a trap to use his stage-up technique Shikigami Blending: Konjōsui Formation.

Overview Edit

The user creates a lot of flowers which contains pure water[1]. The flowers can root themselves in the ground and show them the allure of their blooming flowers[2]. The water that said to be used in this technique has 99.999% purity in the whole world[1], which makes it powerful in destroying their opponents which said that anything touched by the flower, his has been blended with spirit, will dissolve in an instant no matter who or what it is[1]. This technique said to be stronger than fire due to it's powerful strength.

Aftermath Edit

The technique only takes 3[1] minutes to destroy their opponents because of their speed that decrease and so does the technique itself[3].

Trivia Edit

  • The liquid of the technique cannot be compared with acid, aqua regia, or anything that contains water. The water used in the technique is pure water[1].
  • Konjōsui refers to the water droplets that condense and gather on the surface of gold[1].

References Edit

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