Shikigami (式神; Literally meaning "Form of Magic or Divination") is the term used for a kind of spirit summoned by onmyōji. They can be likened to a witch's familiar and are frequently summoned via the use of palm-sized papers (ofuda) on which prayers have been written. Yura uses people-shaped papers on which each shikigami's name has been written and Ryūji uses cylindrical wooden containers which summon his shikigami when opened. If the item used to summon a shikigami is significantly damaged, the shikigami can be transferred to another paper/item, though it requires preparation to do so. Several onmyōji in the series state their attachment to their shikigami's summoning item - mostly due to usage over time or familiarity - and indicate that they would prefer fixing over replacing it.

Yura's ShikigamiEdit

Gōra's ShikigamiEdit

Pato's ShikigamiEdit

Ryūji's ShikigamiEdit

  • Kyōgen - A poisonous husk.
  • Garō (Gengen) - A water-based shikigami which appears as a wolf.
  • Gyōgen - A shikigami composed of corrosive water.

Hidemoto's ShikigamiEdit

Other ShikigamiEdit

  • Hagun - A shikigami of the Keikain family ancestors, used to boost the summoner's power. Previously used in the past by Keikain Hidemoto. Currently only able to be used by Keikain Yura
  • Hideshima Priest's Shikigami