(清助, Seisuke)

Personal Data


Gender Male Male



Shikigami Summoning

Seisuke (清助) was a friend of Kubinashi's when the latter was still human and appears in one of the stories from the third novel. Along with Kichijirō, they formed a trio of chivalrous thieves.

When Kubinashi decided to risk his life to rescue Shiragiku, he tried to do so without involving Seisuke or Kichijirō, claiming it to be his problem alone. Seisuke was the one to ultimately convince Kubinashi to let them accompany him, stating that he and Kichijirō would be going to steal money, and if they happened to see Kubinashi "stealing" a woman, they'd help out. After the three were caught and their captors utilized yōkai to kill them, Seisuke died from being pierced in the chest by a yōkai's tail.

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