The Second Original Soundtrack (OST) of the anime's first season was released on April 15, 2011 and came as a bonus with the eighth DVD. It includes 30 songs composed by Kōhei Tanaka.


01. The Power of a Curse (呪いの刀, Noroi no chikara)
02. Inugami's Thoughts (犬神の想, Inugami no sō)
03. Wayward Spirits (迷う魂, Mayou tamashii)
04. Secrecy (秘密, Himitsu)
05. Nurarihyon 2 (ぬらりひょん2)
06. Trouble Arising (胎動, Taidō)
07. The Reason for Certain Victory (必勝の理, Hisshō no kotowari)
08. Eyecatch (アイキャッチ)
09. Smile (ほほえみ, Hohoemi)
10. Suspiciously (怪しく, Ayashiku)
11. Passageway (通りみち, Tōri michi)
12. Sub Title (サブタイトル)
13. Don't Turn Around (振り向けない, Furimukenai)
14. The Spirit of an Ayakashi (妖の気, Ayakashi no ki)
15. Premonition (予感, Yokan)
16. The Scheme (企み, Takurami)
17. Curse (呪い, Noroi)
18. Compassion (あわれみ, Awaremi)
19. Nurarihyon (ぬらりひょん)
20. Eyecatch 2 (アイキャッチ2)
21. To the Decisive Battle (決戦へ, Kessen e)
22. Travelers (同行, Dōgyō)
23. With Anguish (悶々と, Monmon to)
24. The Great Battle (大戦, Taisen)
25. Right or Wrong (良し悪し, Yoshiwarushi)
26. Coming and Going (出入り, Deiri)
27. Implementation (発動, Haddō)
28. Deepening Bonds (深き絆, Fuki kizuna)
29. Alongside Hope (希望と共に, Kibō to tomo ni)
30. Gently (優しく, Yasashiku)

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