The Original Soundtrack (OST) of the anime's first season was released on December 23, 2010 and came as a bonus with the fourth DVD. It includes 31 songs composed by Kōhei Tanaka.


01. Clear Mirror (明鏡, Meikyō)
02. Becoming Mysterious (妖しなる, Ayashi naru)
03. Clad in Fear (畏れをまとう, Osore o matō)
04. Feeling (想いやる, Omoi yaru)
05. Even the Past (過去とて, Kako tote)
06. In the Countryside (郷にて, Sato nite)
07. They're Yōkai (妖怪よ, Yōkai yo)
08. At the General Meeting (総会にて, Sōkai nite)
09. An Exchange of Sakazuki (盃を, Sakazuki o)
10. In His Memories (記憶の中で, Kioku no naka de)
11. Daily Life at the Main House (本家の生活, Honke no seikatsu)
12. Shamelessly (のめのめ, Nomenome)
13. The Crucial Moment (いざ, Iza)
14. The Kiyojūji Paranormal Investigation Squad (清十字怪奇探偵団, Kiyojūji kaiki tanteidan)
15. Puzzlement (惑うもよし, Madō mo yoshi)
16. The Way Home (帰り道, Kaerimichi)
17. The Usual (いつも, Itsumo)
18. Murmurs (さらさら, Sarasara)
19. Beyond the Door (扉の向こう, Tobira no mukō)
20. Drinking in the Alleyway (横丁で一杯, Yokochō de ippai)
21. With Lightning Speed (疾風迅雷, Shippūjinrai)
22. Innumerable Changes (千変万化, Senpenbanka)
23. Into the Melee (乱戦へ, Ransen e)
24. Certain Victory (必勝, Hisshō)
25. Quiet Confusion (静動)
26. Traveling the Road (道ゆく, Michi yuku)
27. An Illusion of Sakura (幻桜, Maboroshi sakura)
28. A Sense of Hope (心地光明, Kokochi kōmyō)
29. Awakening (覚醒, Kakusei)
30. Becoming of Interest (妖艶なる, Yōen naru)
31. Bewitchment (妖しなり, Ayashinari)

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