Saori Maki


(巻紗織, Maki Saori)

Personal Data


Gender Female Female


Astrological Sign Leo July 28

Blood type


Height 160 cm
1.6 m
5.249 ft
62.992 in
Weight 47 kg
103.617 lb
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Kiyojūji Paranormal Investigation Squad

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Shikigami Summoning

Saori Maki (巻 紗織, Maki Saori) is one of Rikuo's classmates and Natsumi's close friend. She is more concerned with relaxing and enjoying herself whenever the Kiyojūji Paranormal Investigation Squad travels, rather than Kiyotsugu's primary objective of hunting for yōkai.


Saori has long straight blonde hair and hazel eyes. She has fair skin and an ample bust, and is of average height. She is most commonly seen wearing her school uniform and seems to like wearing make-up.


She is shown to be a short-tempered and fired up girl. She is very protective and caring towards Natsumi because she is her childhood friend. She is willing to do anything for her best friend.


Four years earlier, she attended the same primary school and was in the same class as Rikuo, Natsumi, Kiyotsugu, Shima and Kana. As a fan of Kiyotsugu's looks, she was one of the students who called Rikuo a liar when he talked about living in a yōkai household. She did not seem to appear as a passenger on the bus Gagoze attacked.


Gyūki ArcEdit

Together with the Kiyojūji Paranormal Investigation Squad, she journeys to Mt. Nejireme. There, she and Torii relax in the hot spring until Mezumaru attacks with his ushi-oni demon corps. They are protected by Yura Keikain and her shikigami.

Shikoku ArcEdit

She helps Natsumi fold a thousand paper cranes to take to the latter's grandmother. When Natsumi is struck by Sodemogi-sama's curse, Saori waits fretfully in the hospital hallway.

Tōno ArcEdit

Along with the rest of the Kiyojūji Paranormal Investigation Squad, she travels to the Shogawa river valley. There, they help Shinako with her yōkai problems.

Kyōto ArcEdit

She went with the rest of Kiyojūji Paranormal Investigation Squad except Rikuo to Yura Keikain's town to Investigate Demons there, she was captured by Demons but was saved again by Yura again and went with her home so she could be safe. When Keikain House was attacked, Aotabō put her and the rest of the Squad to sleep so he could protect them without revealing he was a demon as well. They did not wake up till Abe no Seimei have gone back to hell.


Natsumi ToriiEdit

Best friends since the very start of the series, they are always shown together, even being attacked by or abducted by yokai (except when Maki was visited by the Toilet Yokai; she was alone. Natsumi ran to her aid, however, on realizing that Maki was in "danger").


  • Her favorite book is "Earthquakes, Thunder, Fires, Big sister..." (「地震・雷・火事・お姉さま...」, Jishin, Kaminari, Kaji, Oneesama...)
  • She ranked 58th in the character popularity poll with 32 votes.