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Due that Rikuo is the grandson of Nurarihyon and the son of Rihan Nura and his current position as the third heir of the Nura Clan, he has many friends at the Nura House and also comrades who are helping him in battles. At school Rikuo is a popular kid known as the "nice guy" the one who are counting on him when they got new task for school to do. Most of his relationships started antagonistic but his curiosity and his willpower to achieve his main goal, made him to give many friends on who he can count on.

Relatives Edit

Nurarihyon Edit

Nurarihyon kicks Rikuo

Nurarihyon kicks Rikuo

Nurarihyon is Rikuo's grandfather and former role model. Rikuo wanted to be just like his grandfather and also ask him to be the third heir of the Nura Clan[1] when he was young. Due to Rikuo's copying his grandfather, he loved to make pranks with other yōkai's around the house and most of his pranks has gotten so far that he got compared with Nurarihyon[2], but also he is able to copy some of his techniques. Now, Nurarihyon plays pranks on Rikuo, which Rikuo doesn't like at all. The two fought with each other when Rikuo decided to go to Kyōto to battle the Kyōto Yōkai[3]. Although they do not always get along well, they show that they respect each other and care deeply for each other, but in a rough way by not showing their emotions. Nurarihyon believes that Rikuo will become the third heir one day and even helped him by chasing Seimei[4].

Rihan Nura Edit

Rihan Nura is Rikuo's father, he died when Rikuo played outside with a mysterious girl who was later revealed to be Hagoromo Gitsune controlling Yamabuki Otome's body through Seimei's spell. Rihan got stabbed with the Maō's Hammer when he was thinking about Yamabuki's poem, It is the main reason why Rikuo hates the Kyōto Yōkai, later Abe no Seimei, Sanmoto Gorozaemon (including his left eye half, Minagoroshi Jizo) and their followers who are turns out to be responsible for using both Yamabuki and Seimei's own mother, Hagoromo after reviving them both into one entity as a decoy to downfall the Nura clan by killing Rihan and for two of the villains resurrections, and evil plans. The night version Rikuo is often compared with his father because of the way he acts, and on the way he handles things with other yōkai.

Wakana Nura Edit

Wakana is Rikuo's mother. Rikuo cares deeply for his mother and trusts his comrades that they are able to protect her.

Allies and Friends Edit

Nura Clan Edit

Tsurara Oikawa /Yuki Onna Edit

Rikuo has known Tsurara since he was a child and used to play a lot with her. After the Gogaze incident, she was designated as Rikuo's bodyguard along with Ao, a fact that he never realized until Tsurara and Ao explained it to him themselves. At first Rikuo didn't agree with the idea of her being around him all the time at school, but he slowly got used to it.

She also cooks for him; he admits that the food she cooks tastes good, the only problem is that it's always frozen.

Through time, Tsurara developed feelings for him, making her act a little bit strange sometimes because of her being nervous or getting jealous when Kana was present.


Rikuo asking Tsurara to do Matoi with him.

Naturally Rikuo is oblivious about her feelings and he thinks that she's just overreacting. But even so, he trusts Tsurara greatly.

Throughout the manga, and some omakes, it was hinted that Rikuo also developed feelings for Tsurara in a way. He's not as obvious as his attendant, but the hints are in his actions. In one of the omakes where Tsurara had pigtails, Rikuo showed interest in her although he did not recognized that she was actually Tsurara because one, she had pigtails, and two, she didn't wear any scarf that day. In the last scene of the omake, he wondered what section was she and if he could meet her again. Also in one of the chapters of the manga prior to Hyaku Monogatari Clan Arc, Rikuo went to pick her up from Nishikigoi District and walked her back under an umbrella one snowy night. In Japan, sharing an umbrella is a romantic gesture.

Another moment is that we can see Rikuo's concern for her when he saw how she was hurt by protecting him from the yokai otakus in the Monogatari Clan Arc and became extremely furious. He confronted them all while still being in his human form carrying Tsurara.

However, in the latest omake chapter, 'Tsurara's Love Comedy', Tsurara is ordered by her mother to steal a kiss from Rikuo before she leaves. While in school searching for Rikuo, she is told that he is in the gym with Kana, and becomes jealous. Therefore, she rushed over there, only to find that she herself was alone with Rikuo. Suddenly, the equipment in the gym collapsed, causing Rikuo to fall on top of her, and later even initiating a kiss. However, this was interrupted by Aotabou. It is hinted that Rikuo has a crush on Tsurara in the tabakon when he was asked when will he marry Tsurara and blushed.

Aotabō Edit

He is a good friend and loyal follower of Rikuo.

Karasu Tengu Edit

As Karasu-Tengu serves as adviser/messenger to his grandfather and himself, Rikuo will listen to him when he finds it to be important. He is not above arguing with him if he thinks Karasu-Tengu's decisions are unnecessary. Because of his small size, Rikuo can easily swat Karasu-Tengu away if he's annoying him.

Kubinashi Edit

Kubinashi is loyal too, and cares a lot for, Rikuo.

Kejōrō Edit

She once called Rikuo's Night form 'dashing' after he rescued her causing Tsurara to become jealous; She is also romantically attracted to him. She is one of the two most loyal follower (the other one is Tsurara) of Rikuo.

Kurotabō Edit

He was happy when Rikuo wanted to perform Matoi with him, and is a loyal follower of Rikuo.

Gyūki Edit

Until becoming the Third Heir, Rikuo was always afraid of Gyuki because his cold and dark demeanor. After Gyuki's attempt to kill him for the sake of the Nura clan, Rikuo learned of how devoted Gyuki is to the clan and his grandfather. Rikuo comes to respect Gyuki for this, no longer being frigthened of him. He trusts Gyuki with guarding the western boundary of the Nura clan's territory.

Shōei Edit

Shōei and Rikuo are fairly close. Shōei once rescued Rikuo. Following in the footsteps of his father, Hihi. Shōei is loyal to the Nura Clan, and to Rikuo.

Zen Edit

Rikuo and Zen are sworn brothers. Zen is the first subordinate of Rikuo's to have exchanged Sakazuki with Rikuo, and the first to perform 'Matoi' with him. They have known each other since childhood, and have been shown to be close friends. Rikuo often shows concern for Zen's poor health.

Kiyojūji Paranormal Patrol Edit

Kiyotsugu Edit

Kiyotsugu greatly admires Rikuo's Night form. He accepted the fact that the yōkai he had admired for years was the same person as his friend and classmate, Rikuo. Throughout most of the series, Rikuo is often afraid that Kiyostugu's searches for yokai will put the group in danger.

Kana Ienaga Edit

Rikuo Encourage Kana

Rikuo is protecting Kana

Kana and Rikuo are friends since their childhood. She supported him after he got disrespected by his classmates when he was said that Nurarihyon was his grandfather. She also learned the truth from Kiyotsugu.

Rikuo is often worried about Kana's safety because it seems that she is always attracting all kind of yōkai's to her (mainly in the anime, not the manga). It is possibly because she's one of Rikuo closer friends, though it may be something more. Rikuo is hinted to possibly have romantic feelings for her. This can be shown by the way he occasionally blushes around her. He also let Kana know more about him when she asked him of his identity, allowing her to come with him in the Yokai district. That was the same gesture made by his grandfather to woe his wife Princess Yo. Commentators also point out the similarities between the wives of the first and second generation head of the clan with Hana as hints of the main love partner for the third Nura. 

Kana meets Rikuo's night form

Kana meets Rikuo's Night form and after that when Rikuo's Night form gifted kana a mirror.

On the other hand, Kana has a huge crush on his Night form (one of the two yōkai that she's not afraid of; the other one is Tsurara) since the day he rescued her and Yura from a bunch of yōkai in the first chapters/episodes, but it is also hinted that she has a crush in D. Rikuo as well as she is seen to get jealous when she see how close Rikuo and Tsurara are.  

Their relationship seems to be almost the same even after she realize that N. Rikuo and D. Rikuo are the same person. Kana is a one of the protagonist in the nura rise of the yokai clan demon capital series.

Natsumi Torii Edit

Saori Maki Edit

Jirō Shima Edit

Shima has a minor rivalry with Rikuo over Tsurara. Rikuo seems oblivious to this, and the two boys are still friends.

Keikain Onmyōji Edit

Yura Keikain[5] Edit

Rikuo's relationship with her is in a normal a Love/Hate kind of deal. One of the reasons for this is Yura's family's rivalry with the Nura Clan. The other is obviously because of Rikuo's youkai blood, despite lying in order to protect her, Yura has remained wary of Rikuo's Night Form. Despite this, throughout the manga and series, they are close and good friends. It is through them that an alliance has been able to form between the Nura and the Keikain, previously against Hagoromo-Gitsune, and currently against Seimei and the Gokadoin House.

Night Rikuo often makes fun of Yura. From light teasing to boldly kicking her into a pond when he believes they were having a conversation much too sentimental. Rikuo has stated Yura to be "Tsun-Tsun". Meaning harsh, cold and/or bitter.she is one of the main protagonist in the series

Ryūji Keikain Edit

Akifusa Keikain Edit

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Inugamigyōbu Tamazuki Edit

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Hagoromo Gitsune Edit

At first she and Rikuo were enemies, her being the one who killed his father years before the series had started. As leader of the kyoto yokai, it was because of her that Rikuo desired to go to Kyoto and gain revenge for what she had done. However, upon the revival of Abe no Seimei, he watched as Seimei sent her back to hell so that "there would be nothing holding him back". Later on in the final arc she is revived once again by Rikuo's Grandfather in aid against Seimei's threat to the Yokai and Humans of the world. Upon ressurrection, she contemplates between him and Seimei to which she'd choose between, possibly influenced by the memories and feelings of Rihan's late wife. In the final battle she bitterly teams up with Rikuo against Seimei only for Rikuo to protect her from Seimei's devastating attack and claiming in his human form he would protect her, leading to her claiming Rikuo as her "child" over Seimei[6]. In the aftermath, she takes Rikuo to the village of half demons to recuperate, and can be seen looking over him from a distance as he returns back to the Nura household.

References Edit

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