(雷電, Raiden)

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Nurarihyon no Mago Chapter #163

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Shikigami Summoning

Raiden (雷電) is an executive of the Hyaku Monogatari Clan who was created from Sanmoto Gorōzaemon's bones. He is a giant in stature and seems able to solidify his skin to become as hard as bone. During the game of "tag" in Tokyo, he takes the initiative in attacking Rikuo and then is killed.


Raiden has an arrogant personality. He is willing to kill people easily. He also considers himself as the hardest object on the planet. He also seems not to remember things perfectly and wanna to say it just like the other executive to make it look cool.


Raiden has a triangle face with black hair. He wears a black open jacket with black pants, along with sandels. When activating his abilities his arm or leg grows large and split into segments.

Plot OutlineEdit

Hyaku Monogatari ArcEdit

Main article: Hyaku Monogatari Arc

He has been seen with Tamasaburō, telling him/her that they are going to Tokyo. Later he has been spotted Rikuo and Tsurara when the two where been escaping from Enchō's bird. He then introduced himself to Rikuo and Tsurara, which that the crowd that are against Rikuo arrived knowing that he is here to kill Rikuo. After that Rikuo told him that he must hide because he is an executive, Raiden then explains his whole situation in a vague recollection. The crowd started to be impatient which bugs him and started to kill some peoples from the crowd by throwing a big rock, saying that he doesn't take orders from humans. Later, after that he scared the crowd away, Rikuo attacked him which Raiden thinks that that is his ability. He then uses a weird technique to kill Rikuo, but he evaded all of his attacks. Rikuo became impressed, which he tells him what he is. Later Raiden then makes another attack against Rikuo, which he thinks that he got him. Rikuo then destroys his arm and leg and kills him.

Weapons & AbilitiesEdit

Raiden is Sanmoto's bones. His body is made of bones that cannot be cut. Which that he acclaimed that he is harder than diamond, which is proof of Rikuo's broken sword.


  • Hammer - He has been seen with a big hammer, but he never used it in a battle.


  • Dragon Arm - He is gathering the bones together in his body in one single arm and gives his opponent a powerful strike.
  • Dual Dragon Fangs - When he uses his Dragon Arm and stretches with his feet, he combines them and created the technique. The hands and feet are changing into fangs.


  • He is named for Raiden Tameemon (雷電爲右衞門), who is thought to have been one of the greatest sumo wrestlers in history.

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