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This property lists the Japanese (Romanji) name of something. This is a String.

Pages using the property "Romaji name"

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"Kana, 13 years old" +"Kana, 13 sai-"  +
A Beast's Path, Spirit Blade Nenekirimaru: Part 6 +Kemono Michi: Yōtō Nenekirimaru Sono Roku  +
A Certain Ayakashi's Marriage Proposal, Spirit Blade Nenekirimaru: Part 4 +Aru Ayakashi no Kyūkon: Yōtō Nenekirimaru Sono Yon  +
A Small-Scale War +Kyokuchi-sen  +
A Time of Cleansing +Shōjō no Toki  +
Ajara Enbu (chapter) +Ajara Enbu  +
An Ayakashi's Duty +Ayakashi no Honbun  +
Anguish +Ōnō  +
Archipelago Tremors +Rettō Shinkan  +
Bakeneko Clan +Bakeneko-gumi  +
Battle of the Heads +Kanbu-sen  +
Becoming the Lord of Pandemonium (chapter) +Chimimōryō no Nushi to Naru  +
Centipede Tribe +Mukade Ichizoku  +
Charging Into Fukagawa +Fukagawa Totsunyū  +
Connecting to the Present (chapter) +Ima e to Tsunagu  +
Counterattack +Hangeki  +
Daruma Alliance +Daruma-kai  +
Enchō (chapter) +Enchō  +
False Words +Itsuwari no Kotoba  +
Fragments of Recollection (chapter) +Tsuioku no Kakera  +
Gagoze Alliance +Gagoze-kai  +
Gokadoin House +Gokadoin-ne  +
Gozumezu Spy Corps, Part 1 +Gozu Mezu Mittei-tai Sono 1  +
Gozumezu Spy Corps, Part 2 +Gozu Mezu Mittei-tai Sono 2  +
Gozumezu's Return +Gozu Mezu no Kikan  +

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