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This property lists the Japanese (Kanji) name of something. This is a String.

Pages using the property "Kanji name"

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"Kana, 13 years old" +「カナ、13才ー」  +
A Beast's Path, Spirit Blade Nenekirimaru: Part 6 +獣道 妖刀・祢々切丸その6  +
A Certain Ayakashi's Marriage Proposal, Spirit Blade Nenekirimaru: Part 4 +ある妖の求婚 妖刀・祢々切丸その4  +
A Small-Scale War +局地戦  +
A Time of Cleansing +清浄の時  +
Ajara Enbu (chapter) +戲演舞  +
An Ayakashi's Duty +妖の本分  +
Anguish +懊悩  +
Archipelago Tremors +列島震撼  +
Bakeneko Clan +化猫組  +
Battle of the Heads +幹部戦  +
Becoming the Lord of Pandemonium (chapter) +魑魅魍魎の主となる  +
Centipede Tribe +百足一族  +
Charging Into Fukagawa +深川突入  +
Connecting to the Present (chapter) +今へと繋ぐ  +
Counterattack +反撃  +
Daruma Alliance +達磨会  +
Enchō (chapter) +圓潮  +
False Words +偽りの言葉  +
Fragments of Recollection (chapter) +追憶の欠片  +
Gagoze Alliance +ガゴゼ会  +
Gokadoin House +御門院家  +
Gozumezu Spy Corps, Part 1 +牛頭馬頭密偵隊 その①  +
Gozumezu Spy Corps, Part 2 +牛頭馬頭密偵隊 その②  +
Gozumezu's Return +牛頭馬頭の帰還  +

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