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This property lists the English name of something. This is a String.

Pages using the property "English name"

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A Beast's Path, Spirit Blade Nenekirimaru: Part 6 +The Beast Path: Spirit Blade Nenekirimaru, Part 6  +
A Certain Ayakashi's Marriage Proposal, Spirit Blade Nenekirimaru: Part 4 +A Certain Ayakashi's Proposal: Spirit Blade Nenekirimaru, Part 4  +
A Small-Scale War +Local War  +
A Time of Cleansing +Time of Purification  +
An Ayakashi's Duty +An Ayakashi's Duty  +
Anguish +Worry  +
Battle of the Heads +The Heads  +
Becoming the Lord of Pandemonium (chapter) +Becoming the Lord of Pandemonium  +
Charging Into Fukagawa +Rushing into Fukagawa  +
Gozumezu Spy Corps, Part 1 +Gozu and Mezu, Secret Agents: Part 1  +
Gozumezu Spy Corps, Part 2 +Gozu and Mezu, Secret Agents: Part 2  +
Gozumezu's Return +Gozu and Mezu's Return  +
He Who Whispers in the Darkness +He Who Whispers in the Dark  +
Hyakki Yakō and Sakazuki +A Hyakki Yako's Sakazuki  +
Hyaku Monogatari (chapter) +The Hundred Tales  +
Hyaku Monogatari Clan +The Hundred Tales Clan  +
Inugamigyōbu Danuki: Tamazuki +Inugami Gyobu-Danuki: Tamazuki  +
Kyōto Ablaze +Kyoto in Flames  +
Lord of Kyoto +The Lord of Kyoto  +
Maō's Hammer (chapter) +The Devil's Hammer  +
Mutual Deception +Deception  +
Rikuo on the Night of the New Moon +Rikuo on the Night of the New Moon  +
Rikuo, Angering the Sworn Brother +Rikuo, Angering the Sworn Brother  +
Rikuo, Confronting Gyūki (chapter) +リクオ、牛鬼と対峙する  +
Rikuo, Confronting the Fangs of Kyūso +Rikuo, Confronting the Fangs of Kyūso  +

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