Past Arc

Nurarihyon and Yōhime.

The Past Arc is the third story arc of the Nurarihyon no Mago series. It contains the story about Nurarihyon meeting with Yōhime and his battle against Hagoromo Gitsune.


The Yōkai that tries to get Yōhime's liverEdit

The Yōkai has been killed

The yōkai has been killed by Koremitsu Keikain

Yōhime healed another wealthy family which she is sad about what her father is doing. Outside the mansion, the guards are putting peasants off because they haven't enough money. An yōkai then came saying that he got money and that he wanna have a human liver, which he stretched his head to get near Yōhime, but have been killed by Koremitsu Keikain. The father of Yōhime then came and yelled at Koremitsu saying that he's paying him a lot of money and that those kind of creatures never come in their mansion. He later yelled at his guards saying that they must increase the patrols. Yōhime felt sadness for that yōkai that has been killed.

Nurarihyon and Yōhime: First MeetingEdit

Nurarihyon tells his name

Nurarihyon tells his name to Yōhime

After that Yōhime obtained the Nenekirimaru from Koremitsu to protect herself from the yōkais, she then hears Nurarihyon voice asking who he is and opens the blade, which that he silence her mouth. When Nurarihyon tries to get closer, she then starts to think that he's after her liver and starts to slice his arm with that blade, which Nurarihyon noticed that it is an exorcism blade. She then directly heals his wounds which Nurarihyon is impressed what she has done and wonders what she is. Koremitsu then feels a faint yōkai aura which he heads to Yōhime's room and when he got there he ask her is everything is OK. Nurarihyon leaves telling her his name. Koremitsu then recalls again asking Yōhime if everything is OK, which she replies saying that she's OK and that nothing has happened.

Osaka Castle: Report to Hagoromo Gitsune and a report to her ClanEdit

Hagoromo's report to her clan

Hagoromo's report to her clan (first half)

Hagoromo's report to her clan 2

Hagoromo's report to her clan (second half

At the Osaka Castle one of Lady Yodo servants is telling her that the streets are teeming lawless gangs of Rōnin which they are muggers and kidnappers and that there are also reports that there are gutting infants. Lady Yodo then says that he doesn't have to report such kind of details and saying that their family is facing right now a grave situation and that she trust the preparation of their attack against Tokugawa Clan are complete. Her servant then says that the word on the street is that there are yōkais coming and going from the Osaka Castle which he says that it might have some bearing on the Toyotomi family's reputation. Lady Yodo then says if he really believes the nonsense. Which he says that it might be some grumbling, which she says that she is sure about it. Hagoromo Gitsune is then making a report to her clan about the death of Toyotomi and that that she doesn't think that the Toyotomi Clan wouldn't be on the road again that easily. She then reports to her clan that their plan needs power. She then says if the Tokugawa Clan end up ruling the country then it is for sure a very uncomfortable place for yōkais. One of her servants brings her a liver which she eats, saying that she needs a bigger power for her Unborn Child. She then orders her clan to go out and search for noble human livers and bring it to her.

Nurarihyon and Yōhime: Second MeetingEdit

Koremitsu asks Yōhime if she's alright which she response saying that everything OK. Koremitsu then walks around the castle and still is thinking about the demonic aura that he's keep feeling around Yōhime. He then thinks that no demon can breakthrough the reinforced seals. Yōhime then looks at the moon saying that everyday is so stifling. Nurarihyon then enters her room again saying that the exorcists are working hard again tonight. Yōhime then looks at Nurarihyon and ask him how he got in and from where he got his father's pipe. Nurarihyon then says about the pipe that it is nice and directly knows that there is a quite bit of money that makes Yōhime a caged bird.
Nurarihyon is going away with Yōhime

Nurarihyon is going away with Yōhime

Yōhime agrees with what Nurarihyon has said, which she says that it is unavoidable because it is her destiny.

Nurarihyon then ask her if she wants to go outside because she's suffocating at the castle. Yōhime tells him that she can't do that, which she has to stay at here for the sake of her family and mostly her father. Nurarihyon then faces saying that there is something with his arm which Yōhime got tricked by him and heads outside. Nurarihyon tells her that he's only been borrowing her only for tonight and that he will return her in the morning. While Nurarihyon is running off holding Yōhime, Yōhime then looks behind and sees that nobody noticed them. And heads off outside.

Nurarihyon and Yōhime: Second Meeting (First Time Out - Meeting with the Nura Clan)Edit

Nurarihyon and Yōhime have then arrived in the city, which Yōhime is wondering if peoples could see her evenly outside. Nurarihyon then tells her that she must trust him and says that it is a name of a free yōkai, and tells her why she don't live the way she wants.
Yōhime and the servants

Yōhime is getting admired quickly

Nurarihyon then introduce her to the Nura Clan. Nurarihyon then ask Karasu Tengu what he thinks about it and is stunned. Yōhime then asks Nurarihyon if they are all yōkais. Nurarihyon then tells her not to worry because they are all his minions.
Nurarihyon then let her alone with his servants. Yōhime played a game which she created a Bridge of Dream that it worth 50 points. The yōkais are impressed of seeing something in one hit, which she says that it is lucky. Gagoze then tells Mokugyo Daruma about that Nurarihyon brings a human to a bunch of yōkais. Nurarihyon then comes to Yōhime and ask her to be man and wife. Everybody gets stunned which Karasu Tengu comes and says that Yōhime is a human, which Setsura comes and ask him what he sees in Yōhime.

Nurarihyon then tells Setsura that she's a better person than she thinks. Setsura gets angry when Nurarihyon is calling her by her first name, which she leaves out of the room. Nurarihyon then tells Yōhime that she's special and that he's watching her for a long time and that his feeling only becomes stronger, he then says completely that he's in love with her. Yōhime then rethinks about what Nuraraihyon told her, which she is completely blushing. Nurarihyon then brings her home as promise. Yōhime thanked him and tells him that he didn't have to bring her back.
Nurarihyon holding Yōhime

Nurarihyon holding Yōhime

Nurarihyon then tells her that he keeps his promise because he isn't a demon that lies. Yōhime agrees, which Nurarihyon puts his arms around his neck and tells her that she must be with him. He then tells her that he is going to rule the world and he wanna have her with him. Yōhime then says that she isn't the person he thinks he is. She then says that she didn't helped everyone unconditionally and if he only loves her for her powers, she says that he must go. Nuraruhyon tells her that he doesn't need her powers but only that she is next with him and that he will be back tomorrow. Yōhime tells him not to and enters her room. With Nurarihyon leaves happy.

Hagoromo's Servants Arrived! The Kidnapping of YōhimeEdit

The next day Satori and Oni Hitokuchi has come to Yōhime's Family's Mansion. Satori Yōhime's father tells that they would like to make Yōhime a concubine of Hideyori Toyotomi and shows him the money. Yōhime's father is then in shock seeing the money which he thinks to get more money out of them.
Nurarihyon meets Koremitsu

Nurarihyon meets Koremitsu

Satori then figured out that he trying to obtain more money which Oni Hitokuchi is beating him to death saying that he mustn't be so greedy. The guardians came and sees Satori and Oni Hitokuchi and wonders how they could break through their Kekkai Barrier. Oni Hitokuchi then starts to attack the servants. Later Koremitsu came which he speaks with one guard that he is sorry and that they weren't no match for them. Nurarihyon then came and asks what has happened. Koremitsu remembers him directly and says that he's the demonic aura that he felt all the time. Nurarihyon then ask Koremitsu where Yōhime is, which Koremitsu thinks that she has been taking away by yōkais if she wasn't by him. Nurarihyon then wonders where they head off. One of the guards says that they are in the Osaka Castle. Nurarihyon then knows that Hagoromo Gitsune has something to do with it.

Nurarihyon vs. Hagoromo Gitsune: The Battle has begunEdit

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Nurarihyon appeared

Nurarihyon appeared

After that Yōhime and Kokehime sees the death of Miyakohime and Sadahime, it is time that Hagoromo Gitsune is eating Yōhime's liver. When she's almost close of doing that, Nurarihyon appears and tries to attack her, but his attack has been blocked by several servants of her. Hagoromo is then suprised of seeing an intruder in the castle which Gairōta attacks him with a Raikonbō Takakaze and ask him who he is. Hagoromo then says that he's just a bandit. Nurarihyon tells who he his and tells Hagoromo to bring Yōhime back to him. Hagoromo is impressed that a yōkai is trying to save a human.
Hagoromo attacks

Hagoromo attacks

The complete Nura Clan has then been arrived, which Nurarihyon is glad to see them because he never though they would arrive. Gairōta then directly strikes some of the Nurarihyon's subordinates and blows only a few of them. He thinks that he has defeated them all, which Hagoromo has seen that he missed only Nurarihyon. Nurarihyon then only uses on slash to kill him, everyone of the Nura Clan then starts to attack which Hagoromo command her comrads to attack them. When the Nurarihyon's subordinates are attacking them, Nurarihyon faces Hagoromo. Hagoromo then says that it is fun and that 100 years no any demons has stand against her. Nurarihyon tells Hagoromo to free Yōhime and starts to attack her. Hagoromo then strikes back with her tails which she knows that Nurarihyon loves Yōhime. Hagoromo is impressed that Yōhime has the powers to enchant a yōkai which she is more stiffing to eat her liver.

Arrival of the creator of the Nenekirimaru: Hidemoto KeikanEdit

Nurarihyon's time at the Keikain House

Nurarihyon's time at the Keikain House

Koremitsu arrived at Hidemoto's place. Hidemoto then ask Koremitsu why he's rushing. Koremitsu tells Hidemoto that they has lost many men from the main family. Hidemoto then tells Koremitsu that from the place where he now is, he got a grasp of just all about what happens in Kyōto and says that those Kekkai Barriers wouldn't hold the strongest yōkais. Hidemoto then says that yōkais have live for over hundreds of years and that he must not worry to lose against them. Koremitsu then tells that the yōkai he is interested in is in the Osaka Castle, which Koremitsu means Nurarihyon. Hidemoto the remembers that he always came to eat in an exorcist house. Hidemoto then says that he is a funny person and that he cannot kill Hagoromo Gitsune. Hidemoto then heads to the Osaka Castle to watch Nurarihyon fight against Hagoromo and ask Koremitsu to come with him.

Nurarihyon vs. Hagoromo Gitsune: Nurarihyon's true feelingsEdit

Nurarihyon gets beaten

Nurarihyon gets beaten

The battle continues to save Yōhime. After that Hagoromo strikes Nurarihyon, she said that it is boring and tells Nurarihyon that he is just like all the other yōkais out there. She then tells him that it is a sideshow and that he must do something to entertain her. She then tells him to see how many tails she has and explains that it are all the number of times that she has been reincarnated and says that they can now react to an hot headed yōkai that comes after her. Nurarihyon then attacks her again, which it seems useless when she uses her tails. Meanwhile, Hidemoto and Koremitsu are heading to the Osaka Castle. Hidemoto tells Koremitsu that Hagoromo isn't an ordinary demon, which he explains to him why. Yōhime then tries to heal him, but Hagoromo hold her down saying that she is aware of her powers. Yōhime then ask Nurarihyon why he's doing something so reckless. Nurarihyon then ask Yōhime ho he looks in her eyes right now.
Nurarihyon feelings towards Yōhime

Nurarihyon feelings towards Yōhime

Nurarihyon then tels her if he really appears to be that stupid like Hagoromo said, which Yōhime shakes her head as "no". Nurarihyon explains what he feels about her, saying when he is thinking about her, his heart begins to open and says that she looks like a Sakura and says that having her near him will make eveything brilliant and can see a future like that. He then says that she looked unhappy and that he will make her happy. And ask her if he really can make her happy. Yōhime cries after what she heard from Nurarihyon, which Nurarihyon says that he probably can't. Nurarihyon then gets serious in fighting Hagromo, which she feels something strange about him.

Nurarihyon & Hidemoto Keikain vs. Hagoromo Gitsune: The defeat of Hagoromo GitsuneEdit

Hagoromo's Fear is gonna get gone

Hagoromo's fear released

Nurarihyon cuts Hagoromo's face with the Nenekirimaru, which she wonders what for sword that is. Hagoromo's fear for her "unborn child" then goes away after she has been cut by the Nenekirimaru, and goes after her fear. Nurarihyon then look after Yōhime which Gyūki calls his name, protecting Yōhime and telling him that he must go after Hagoromo. When Nurarihyon has reached the top, he is looking Hagoromo Gitsune.
Hagoromo gets sealed

Hagoromo gets sealed

He gets attacked by one of Hagoromo's tails and sees her. Hagoromo then tells him how he dare to take her powers away from her, which she eats his liver. She then tells him that she never expected that she gets a lot of powers eating his liver, but she says that it isn't enough. After Hagoromo attacks Nurarihyon, Hidemoto arrived and starts to seal Hagoromo. Nurarihyon then tells Hidemoto to get out of this, which Hidemoto tells Nurarihyon, that he created the Nenekirimaru that he is holding right now and tells him that it cuts well, only for yōkais and tells him that he can do the cool part. Nurarihyon cuts Hagoromo in two, which her true form is released.

Curse of HagoromoEdit

After that Nurarihyon cuts Hagoromo is two, she then telle Nurarihyon and Hidemoto that he will never forgive them for what they have done. She then says that she is going to put a curse on Nurarihyon. She then says for the crime for destroying her heart's desire and curse his bloodline for eternity and for many generations that come. Saying that his childrens and grandchildrens will get bound by the curse of this fox, and leaves.

The End and AfterwardsEdit

After that Hagoromo is gone, Hidemoto thinks that he really hasn't beaten her. Hidemoto then tells Nurarihyon that he is now the Lord of Pandemonium.
Nurarihyon gets back to his Clan

Nurarihyon gets back to his Clan

Hidemoto then says that he can take him down right now if he wants and then says what he is now planning to do now he is the Lord of Pandemonium. Nurarihyon then says that he is now going to become the master of all those who might fade away, which he means that he is going to protect the yōkais. Yōhime then came for Nurarihyon and almost falls down which Nurarihyon saves her. Yōhime then ask to heal Nurarihyon's wounds. Later the Nura Clan are at the Keikain House, which he knows that it is all Hidemoto's doing. Outside Nurarihyon and Hidemoto are been talking to each other. Nurarihyon says that he will go back to Edo. Hidemoto then says that he will create a powerful barrier. Which later Nurarihyon gets back to his clan and says that they will leave Kyōto.

Characters IntroducedEdit


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# English title Kanji title Romaji title
58 Spirit Blade: Nenekirimaru, Part 1: Strange Tales of Ukiyoe Town: Oitekebori 妖刀・祢々切丸その1 浮世絵町奇譚 置行堀 Yōtō Nenekirimaru Sono Ichi: Ukiyoe-chō Kitan Oitekebori
59 The Taimatō and the Pipe, Spirit Blade Nenekirimaru: Part 2 退魔刀とキセル 妖刀・祢々切丸その2 Taimatō to Kiseru: Yōtō Nenekirimaru Sono Ni
60 Nurarihyon and Yōhime, Spirit Blade Nenekirimaru: Part 3 ぬらりひょんと珱姫 妖刀・祢々切丸その3 Nurarihyon to Yōhime: Yōtō Nenekirimaru Sono San
61 A Certain Ayakashi's Marriage Proposal, Spirit Blade Nenekirimaru: Part 4 ある妖の求婚 妖刀・祢々切丸その4 Aru Ayakashi no Kyūkon: Yōtō Nenekirimaru Sono Yon
62 The Captured Princess, Spirit Blade Nenekirimaru: Part 5 囚われの姫様 妖刀・祢々切丸その5 Toraware no Hime-sama: Yōtō Nenekirimaru Sono Go
63 A Beast's Path, Spirit Blade Nenekirimaru: Part 6 獣道 妖刀・祢々切丸その6 Kemono Michi: Yōtō Nenekirimaru Sono Roku
64 Sakura, for Example, Spirit Blade Nenekirimaru: Part 7 例えるなら桜 妖刀・祢々切丸その7 Tatoeru Nara Sakura: Yōtō Nenekirimaru Sono Shichi
65 The Tower Keep, Spirit Blade Nenekirimaru: Part 8 天守閣 妖刀・祢々切丸その8 Tenshukaku: Yōtō Nenekirimaru Sono Hachi
66 Connecting to the Present 今へと繋ぐ Ima e to Tsunagu

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