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Battle OutlineEdit

The battle between Nurarihyon vs. Hagoromo Gitsune is taking place in the Osaka Castle during the war between the Toyotomi Clan and the strong Tokugawa Clan. Nurarihyon tries to get Yōhime back from Hagoromo Gitsune before she's eating her liver to give birth to a new evil.


Nurarihyon arrived again at Yōhime's Mansion, which he sees Koremitsu and ask him where Yōhime is. Koremitsu then says that if Yōhime wasn't with Nurarihyon, then she must have been taken by the yōkais from the Osaka Castle. Nurarihyon then became mad and heads to the Osaka Castle, where he was hold by Gyūki saying that is is too dangerous. Nurarihyon ignores that and heads out to the Osaka Castle.


Nurarihyon and Hagoromo 2

Nurarihyon and Hagoromo

Nurarihyon appeared at the Osaka Castle and is ready to strike Hagoromo, but his attack has been blocked by Hagoromo servants. He has then been attacked by Gairōta and his Raikonbō Takakaze technique, which Hagoromo wonders who he is. After seeing the tattoo on his back, she then says that he is a yakuza. Nurarihyon introduced himself and tells Hagoromo that he came her to free Yōhime. The Nura Clan appeared which Nurarihyon is happy to see them. They're then attacking the servants of Hagoromo, which Nurarihyon killed Gairōta because he was standing in his way. Nurarihyon keep fighting with Hagoromo, which Yōhime ask Nurarihyon why he is trying his best to save her. Nurarihyon then express his feelings towards Yōhime and suddenly flips the scripts and was able to hit Hagoromo with the Nenekirimaru.
Hagoromo Leaves

Hagoromo's Body Leaves

Her Osore the escapes which she chased it. After that Hagoromo was gone, Nurarihyon was looking for Yōhime, but she was under protection of Gyūki and tells him that he don't have to worry and that he must chase Hagoromo. Nurarihyon then goes above to finish Hagoromo, which he got strikes and his heart has been taken and eaten by Hagoromo. Hagoromo is mad about what he has done to her and starts to attack him again. Hidemoto then appears getting Hagoromo out of the body of Lady Yodo. When Hagoromo cannot move her body, Nurarihyon then attacks her on command of Hidemoto, which that her spiritual body came out and lay a curse on Nurarihyon and then leaves.


After the battle with Hagoromo Gitsune, Nurarihyon has become the lord of Pandemonium. Yōhime came which Nurarihyon saves her when she was trying to fall down from the rooftop. Yōhime then tells Nurarihyon that he will heals his wounds. Later, the Nura Clan where been having a celebration after the defeat of Hagoromo and her servants. Nurarihyon makes then the decision that he will move back to Edo, with his Clan.

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