Please follow this policy to prevent banning.

Policy Edit

  • You can discuss about what can be change in the article page, but if the discussion goes out of hand then you will get banned and also the other contributor with who you got a discussion with.
  • Do not scold any contributor on what he is doing wrong mostly if you are a unregistered contributor, like:
    • Hey B***man, be nice and drop that s*** for me that you are undoing.
      • You will get a serious banning ship and also conclude that you will get banned on other networks at around the users own wiki.
  • Do not come with clear facts.
  • Do not come with love letters or some other kind of fan speculation to a character.
  • Do not place links to sexual sites or sites where you are getting a virus from.
  • Do not place a children sexual abusing website.
  • Do not discuss about topics that are not going about the series, if you want to be put all of your stress away then go to the chat room.

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