This is the Policy of the Nurarihyon no Mago Wiki, please follow this rules to prevent to get banned.

Rules Edit

  • Contributors must not create new templates evenly if they are advanced contributors that knows the coding of templates.
  • Contributors must not spoil manga information until the end of the week.
  • Contributors must not upload GIF or JPEG images, only PNG, read here for more information about images.
  • Contributors must not make minor edits. If they are seeing a administrator creating minor edits, is because of the style they are creating for this wiki.
  • It is unacceptable to rebel to another contributor if he disagree with a undoing, evenly against a administrator.
  • Do not act like children and place useless stuff everywhere.
  • Do not scold contributors because you have not patient to spoil anything.
  • Do not create fan pages and upload fan images.
  • Do not add a strange navigation.
  • Do not edit the main page.
  • Do not ask constantly how to get the mediawiki codes or templates. Do not ask for permission to add them to your wiki.
  • Do not ask another administrator to help out your wiki because you can't get through. Administrators underling can discuss this with each other.

Infobox Usage Edit

  • Do not copy and place the template from an already created page in a new created page.
  • Do not add "template:template name" in the character pages.
  • Edit by clicking on the "Edit with form".
  • If you like to create a new page go here.

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