This is the Image Policy of the Nurarihyon no Mago Wiki, please read this policy before you are uploading any images.

Image Naming Edit

When you are uploading your image to this wiki, give it a proper name such as "Rikuo fighting with Gyūki.PNG", instead of "....jpg". The image will be directly be deleted if it named unusual. Do not give it a sexual names or any racial, or anything with abracadabra such as "kgkjsfgjksjfhlghf.jpg". Naming your images like that is strictly forbidden and can get you a banning.

Raw and Scanned Images Edit

At this wiki we only accept raw images then scanned images. Raw images is more original and comes from where the series is off, instead of scanned images, they are more scanned and there can be a lot of errors within it. So we prefer to use raw images instead of scanned images.

GIF, JPEG and PNG Edit

This wiki only accepts PNG images because of their standing quality from where they off. JPEG/JPG images perfect in shot when you are seeing them or save them, but when you upload them, they are messed up and looking all blurry. GIF images can make the pages slow, the animation of the image goes fast, but it goes really blurry. So we use at this wiki PNG images instead of JPEG or GIF images.

Rules Edit

  • Do not upload fan art or sexual content images.
  • If you are adding a image then size them correctly at 250px.
  • Do not edit the image, such as sharping to give it a high resolution or do not change the height en length.
  • We're not accepting images unrelated to the series.

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