This is an important policy for the administrators that has become admin through the founder of this wiki. Please follow this policy.

Becoming an Administrator Edit

If you like to become a administrator, then you must prove yourself if you're really worth of becoming an administrator, evenly that, contributors are hiding behind a shy eye, which they means: if they don't have administrator rights, they are been talking good and ask you about what they should do. If they obtain administrator rights, they will become more strict and follow their own way and neglect the bureaucrat offers. Becoming an administrator at this wiki is very hard due those kinds of events. Want to know more on how to become a administrator, then head here

Administrator Rules Edit

  • The administrator don't make a discussion with the founder about major events in the wiki itself.
  • The administrator shouldn't put the community in charge because the events got set between admins and not between contributors.
  • The administrator is not going to follow its own way of edit which he believes its better.
  • The administrator should not be in discussion countless time with the founder.
  • The administrator can help at their own way through the forum.
  • The administrator has the right to come with ideas that can be better for this wiki.
  • The administrator can edit the templates around this wiki (Warning: Only if you know what you must do in those templates, do not edit them if you don't know it.)
  • The administrator must not show a bossy attitude after having their administrator rights and show before a innocent attitude. The adminship will directly be removed forever.

Reasons Edit

The why this policy has been created, is to prevent hate against each other. Future administrators weren't there when the wiki was started and what the plan of the founder is, evenly the future administrators are always having a innocence face and then later shows their true personality after obtaining administrator rights. PLEASE PEOPLE DO THIS NOT!!! YOU'RE ADMINISTRATOR RIGHTS WILL GET GONE FOREVER.

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