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Latest Manga Chapter
Chapter 206

Tenkai and his subordinated stand in front of Yura and Mamiru. Yura summons Rentei and ask Mamiru to protect Ryūji. Tenkei who challenge them that they can dispel his seal will not attack them because of the reason that it won't feel like a victory if he attacked, but it seems that he is lying and attacks Yura with his Spiral Pinworm Mucus technique. Yura defends herself, which Mamiru takes his revenge against Tenkai for what he did the last time they fought. Mamiru uses his Raijū technique to attack Tenkai, but it seems that he was prepared for it which his subordinated uses the Lightning Rod Formation technique. Yura and the others are telling Mamiru to move because his technique will come on him. Yura then uses Yomi Okuri: Yura MAX Revised: God Arrow to save Mamiru and which the arrow breaks Tenkai's mask. It contains to be an old man which is extremely mad at them because for breaking his mask. Due that his mask has been broken, he then shutter a curse against the others, with only Ryūji that is still standing. Ryūji uses his Shikigami Suiryū to release the seal of the Aoi Castle. Ryūji succeeds in releasing the seal, which Rikuo and the others can make their entrance.

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