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The Nura Clan (奴良組, Nura Gumi) are the biggest yōkai faction in eastern Japan. They were first formed during the Sengoku Era and currently rule over the Kantō area. They are a yakuza yōkai group with Nurarihyon as their leader and use the character for fear (畏) as their symbol. There are about ten thousand yōkai who are considered members of the Nura group, divided into about 70 sub-clans. The group itself has been in decline since the death of the second head, Rihan Nura.

The Nura Clan main house is located in Ukiyoe Town, that is the Nura group territory, although it's not fully under control.

The Nura Clan protects the Land Gods under them. In return, the offerings and the Fear the Land Gods gather all go to the Nura Clan.

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At the main house, a faction that acknowledges Rikuo and supports him as the candidate for the third Head. They form Rikuo's Hyakki Yako, and support him in battle. Its members wear black jackets with the symbol for "fear" emblazoned on the back, which can only be worn by those Rikuo has acknowledged.

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