Arc IntroductionEdit

The New Year's Arc is a series of events that take place after Rikuo has ascended to the role of Third Head, but before the Hyaku Monogatari Clan starts to take action. It occurs four months after the Kyōto Arc, and right around New Year's.

Plot OutlineEdit

Tsurara and the Arawashi ClanEdit

Tsurara, having joined the upper echelons of the Nura Clan with the rest of Rikuo's Hyakki, is given control of an area known as the Nishikigoi District. Its denizens, the Arawashi Clan, view her as a nuisance when she first arrives, comparing her to her mother Setsura, whom they admired. Tsurara, however, isn't discouraged and tries to help the Arawashi Clan with their end-of-the-year market preparations.

Noticing an ice shavings cup at one of the stalls, Tsurara ends up buying it. Once she fills it with ice, the cup turns out to be a tsukumogami. By buying a number of other cups, Tsurara acquires a small army of tsukumogami which she dubs the Tsurara Clan. The market is soon thrown into chaos when other tsukumogami start appearing from various items - the handiwork of a mysterious cloaked figure seated against a wall. Tsurara and the Arawashi Clan beat back the tsukumogami and pass the whole incident off as a publicity stunt so as not to startle their human customers. Afterward, the clan accepts Tsurara and she becomes the head of both the Tsurara Clan and the Arawashi Clan.

New Year's DayEdit

On New Year's Day, the Nura Clan is busy celebrating and the Kiyojūji Paranormal Investigation Squad makes a trip to a certain well-known shrine to make New Year's prayers. As always, despite Kiyotsugu's fervent desire to see yōkai, it is Saori who has an encounter with one. Meanwhile, Karasu Tengu and the Sanba Garasu (with Nattō Kozō and Ko-oni in tow) take a visit to their home on Mount Takao. There, Karasu Tengu's wife Nuregarasu berates them all for spending so much time at the main house and beats her husband to a mosaic-style pulp.

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