(百石, Momoishi)

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Nurarihyon no Mago Chapter #187

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Shikigami Summoning

Momoishi is one of the channelers that live on Mount Osore. She is an Itako who may be part of the Gokadoin House.


She is a kind woman who cares about others - particularly those who come to Mount Osore for some reason or other. She seems to be strongly attuned to the emotions of those around her, and is not as negative toward yōkai as Taisei. Additionally, even with his accusations of Akifusa cavorting with yōkai, Momoishi still addresses both of them with respect (using -dono for Taisei and -sama for Akifusa).


She has a mix of dark-pink, black long hair wearing it in a knot. She has somewhat turquoise eyes.

Plot OutlineEdit

Gokadoin House ArcEdit

Main article: Gokadoin House Arc

Momoishi brings Akifusa something to eat at a small shrine on Mount Osore, suggesting he rest else he suffer ill effects from the high concentration of fear on the summit[1]. Akifusa expresses his frustration at being unable to determine what his work is missing, but Momoishi is more worried about his health and persists in trying to get him to take a break. She is ultimately unsuccessful and, when she turns to leave, bumps into the newly-arrived Taisei.

When Taisei confronts and then threatens Akifusa over the latter's plan to hand the reforged Nenekirimaru over to a yōkai, Momoishi tries to stop them. Taisei then grows angry at her for not becoming immediately outraged at Akifusa's actions. Shortly after Rikuo bursts into the shrine, Taisei warns Momoishi to stay back, as the methods he intends to use to combat Rikuo could endanger her. Sure enough, she is soon nearly struck by one of Hagurugama's "spirit blade discs", but Akifusa manages to push her out of harm's way. Once Akifusa hands Nenekirimaru over to Rikuo, and the latter becomes engrossed in listening to the sword's voice, Momoishi reveals that she is able to sense the care and thousand years' worth of emotion that went into making the sword.[1] She asks Akifusa just who or what Rikuo is, for such a sword to be handed over to him so easily.

She was terrified what was happened to Taisei. Akifusa tells her that the Nenekirimaru only harms yōkai and demon and doesn't serve fatal wounds to human. Later on, both agreed that it is a good katana. Later when Ryūji was hoping that if the 13th was here, he may know something. Since that Momoishi is a channeler, she tells them that she can connect to him. Throughout her channeling, Hidemoto talks to the group of Rikuo.


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