Minagoroshi Jizō


(鏖地蔵, Minagoroshi Jizō)

Personal Data


Gender Male Male




Astrological Sign Taurus May 8



Height 165 cm
1.65 m
5.413 ft
64.961 in
Weight 61 kg
134.482 lb
"Kyoto Yōkai" is not in the list of possible values (Nura Clan, Kyōto Yōkai Clan, Hyaku Monogatari Clan, Bakeneko Clan, Bakenekoya, Centipede Tribe, Club ChuChu, Daruma Alliance, First District, Gagoze Alliance, Gyūki Clan, Gyūki Mansion, Hideshima Domain, Hideshima Shrine, Hiyoshi Gongen shrine, Kantō Great Ape Alliance, Keikain House, Keikain Main House, Kijo Clan, Kiyotsugu's Family Villa, Kusaka Shrine, Kyōto, Kyōto Yōkai, Kyūso Clan, Mount Hiei, Mount Kurama, Mount Nejireme, Mount Takao Tengu Party, Mt. Osore, Mukurowaguruma Gang, Nijō Castle, Nishihōgan-ji, Noppera Group, Nuega-Ike, Nura House, Obake Clan, One-Eyed Cedar, One-Eyed Demon Clan, Rokukin-ji, Sanba Garasu, Seiei-ji, Shikoku, Shikoku Hachijūhakki Yakō, Shimabara, Sōkoku-ji, Three-Eyed Party, Togyunobo, Tsurara Clan, Tōfu Kozō, Tōno Village, Ukiyoe General Hospital, Ukiyoe Middle School, Ukiyoe Town, Umewakamaru's Shrine, Ushigakure Cave, XX Village, Yakushi Clan, Yamanba Group, Yōhime's Family's Mansion, Yōkai Merchant Confederation, Ōsaka Castle, Ōshū Tōno Family) for this property.
Kyoto Yōkai

Voice Actors


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Nurarihyon no Mago Chapter #72


Nurarihyon no Mago: Great Profuse Hyakki War

Appears in

Anime, Manga and Game

Shikigami Summoning

Minagoroshi Jizō (鏖地蔵) is a yokai belonging to Hyaku Monogatari Clan, born out of the left eye of Sanmoto Gorōzaemon. His special ability is hypnosis, illusions, and mind control.

As a Kyoto yōkai, he displaced the Great Tengu of Mount Kurama as Hagoromo Gitsune's advisor, and has subsequently removed all memory of the tengu from Hagoromo Gitsune's forces (excluding Tsuchigumo). Minagoroshi Jizō is responsible for taking over Akifusa's body and using him to attack the Keikain main house. He stabs Nurarihyon with Maō's Hammer when the latter infiltrates the Nuega-Ike, and Yosuzume seems to be his underling. After the Nue is revived he is killed by Rikuo.


Minagoroshi Jizō looks like an old thin hunchback of short stature with bony fingers. His head is bald with a beard and rugose lips around his nearly toothless grinning mouth. With no eyebrows and large ears, his eyes are always closed and covered with vertical scars while he has a large third eye with a red scalera arranged on his looming forehead. He is often seen with an eagle on his shoulder.

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