Matoi (鬼纏, Matoi; Literally meaning "demon-clad") is a technique created by Rihan Nura, the second head of the Nura Clan, and is only possible for a leader of part human, part yōkai heritage. With it, the accumulation of "fear" is transferred from a Hyakki Yakō to its leader in order to exponentially increase his power. While using the technique, he acquires the special abilities of the subordinate. There are currently two known methods of performing the technique: Izutsu and Kasane. A leader is able to switch from the latter to the former if need be.

Izutsu MethodEdit

The Izutsu (畏砲, lit. "fear cannon") method involves mounting the subordinate's fear on the leader's blade and then firing this amplified attack at the enemy. It is most effective against enemies who attack head-on and least effective against enemies who rely on rapid-fire attacks. It has a great amount of offensive power but can be prevented from taking effect if the subordinate's fear is cut before they can layer it over their leader's. In this method, the leader is unable to use their own particular fear in conjunction with their subordinate's and the resulting attack comes in one powerful blast. Additionally, tattoo-like markings appear on the leader's back after each new yōkai with whom he performs this method.


Kasane MethodEdit

The Kasane (lit. "fear layering") method involves the leader wrapping his subordinate's fear about himself like a kimono and then aligning their two hearts via the heart of Meikyō Shisui. The leader and subordinate's fear are merged, enabling the former to use both his own particular fear and his subordinate's, thus granting more freedom of movement. Additionally, this version is sustained longer than the Izutsu method. Rikuo is taught about this technique by Kurotabō and first uses it against Kidōmaru.


  • Rikuo and Kurotabō (act 122)
  • Rikuo and Tsurara (act 183)
  • Rihan and Kurotabo (act 158)