Mana Yokotani


(横谷マナ, Yokotani Mana)

Personal Data


Gender Female Female





Nurarihyon no Mago Chapter #138

Appears in

Manga only

Shikigami Summoning

Mana Yokotani (横谷 マナ, Yokotani Mana) is Rikuo's science teacher at Ukiyoe Middle School.


15 years ago, Mana and her friend Ayako were walking home from school when Ayako began talking about the gruesome story behind the Tōryanse song played at pedestrian crossings. Mana grew afraid, closing her eyes and covering her ears in order to prevent herself from hearing the song, and Ayako ended up getting caught inside Tōryanse's area of fear, resulting in her death. Mana only realized afterward that her friend had disappeared, and from that point on continued to search for her.


Hyaku Monogatari ArcEdit

Main article: Hyaku Monogatari Arc

Mana is formally introduced (to the reader) as Rikuo's science teacher. She accompanyies Rikuo and Tsurara to the school gates, where she is startled by the sudden appearance of the immensely tall Shōei. As she walks away, she overhears him talking about the Tōryanse legend and is reminded of Ayako's disappearance 15 years prior. She ends up deciding to follow Rikuo et al when they go to Kawagoe to investigate.

After Rikuo is caught in Tōryanse's area of fear and disappears, Shōei finds Mana wandering through the woods. She grows panicky and starts crying over having potentially lost her student much as she had lost Ayako, but hears Ayako's voice from a small gap in Tōryanse's fear. This subsequently allows Shōei to slice through and make a path to Rikuo and Tōryanse, which soon results in the latter's defeat. As the spirits of the girls he had killed regain their faces and begin vanishing, Mana catches sight of Ayako and tearfully hugs her, telling the latter how she had kept looking for her this whole time. Relieved and grateful when Ayako thanks Mana for having found her, Mana watches Ayako's spirit ascend and disappear.

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