Maō's Hammer (魔王の小槌; Literally meaning "Demon King's Hammer") is a weapon that is owned by Sanmoto, but was frequently loaned out to other wielders for numerous reasons.

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The Text on the hammer

The text

Maō's Hammer is a wooden hammer which Sanmoto Gorōzaemon gave to the feudal warrior Budayū Inō in the latter's youth in praise of his courage. When Inugamigyōbu attempted to conquer Matsuyama Castle, Budayū used the wooden hammer to defeat him and his 808 tanuki followers. The hammer was then preserved at the shrine of Kokuzen-ji in Hiroshima Prefecture.

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The Maō's Hammer was created when the transformed Sanmoto pulled his heart from his gigantic grotesque body and turned it into a katana. Known as the "mark of the conqueror", it has a Demon King Summoning Scream (魔王招喚 (まおうしょうかん) , Maō Shōkan) written on its sheath. It absorbs the spirits/fear of those it kills and transforms their bodies and hatred into power for its wielder. The more it kills, the more it looks like a living thing. After it had been used by humans to defeat Inugamigyōbu Danuki 300 years ago, it was considered as a sacred treasure of Shikoku Yokai.

It first appeared in the manga in the hand of Inugamigyōbu Tamazuki, which was given to him by Sanmoto Gorōzaemon. The former uses it to slaughter the majority of his Hachijūhakki Yakō in order to increase his own power. After Tamazuki's defeat, Yosuzume takes Maō's Hammer and returns it to Sanmoto Gorōzaemon. It is later delivered to Minagoroshi Jizō (the Eye of Sanmoto), who then par the agreement they made in Hell, loaned it to Abe no Seimei. It is revealed to have been the weapon which killed the Nura Clan's second head, Rihan.

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