Kyūso's Rat Form

(旧鼠, Kyūso)

Personal Data


Gender Male Male




Astrological Sign Aries March 30



Height 180 cm
1.8 m
5.906 ft
70.866 in
Weight 69 kg
152.119 lb
Fear Type

Fear Icon Physical Physical


Nura Clan (Expelled)

Voice Actors


Doug Erholtz Icon - Search


Takehito Koyasu



Nurarihyon no Mago Chapter #6


Nurarihyon no Mago Episode #3


Nurarihyon no Mago: Great Profuse Hyakki War

Appears in

Anime, Manga and Game

Shikigami Summoning

Kyūso (旧鼠, Kyūso) is the head of the Kyūso Clan and self-proclaimed "emperor of the night." He is an anthropomorphic rat yōkai who first appears as a light-haired playboy going by the name Seiya (星矢, Seiya). He runs a host club named Club ChuChu near the east entrance of Ukiyoe Town's shopping district. He calls Gyūki "boss" and acts like a cheerful playboy to attract women to the club - where he and his underlings literally devour them in the basement. In reality, he is a cruel and cold-hearted rat who takes advantage of people's weaknesses. He is able to summon regular-sized rats to do his bidding, and seems to hate rejection.

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

Synopsis Edit

Kyūso kidnaps Yura and Kana to use as bait in luring out Rikuo, and declares that his clan intends to take over as leaders of the Nura Clan. He orders Rikuo to send out a decree to all the Nura Croup leaders stating that he retracts his claim to be the Third, threatening to kill Yura and Kana if Rikuo doesn't comply. When "Night" Rikuo and the Hyakki Yakō of the main house thwart his plans, Kyūso changes into a large grotesque rat and tries to kill Rikuo. However, he is burned to death by "Night" Rikuo's Meikyō Shisui, Sakura technique.

Quotes Edit

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