Kejōrō (毛倡妓 or 毛女郎) is a yōkai with long flowing hair who has the appearance of a prostitute and can be seen in red light districts.

In Konjaku Gazu Zoku Hyakki, she is drawn as a prostitute covered in hair so dense even her face isn't visible. If a man catches sight of her from behind and, mistaking her to be a woman he knows, races over, he will be enveloped in Kejōrō's hair upon seeing her face.

Some satires performed in Yoshiwara during the Edo period portray her as having no face at all to begin with, making her a yōkai akin to a Noppera-bō. Other stories say she is a yōkai so popular with the opposite sex that she is constantly surrounded by men competing for her affection.

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