(血血木, Kechikechimoku)

Personal Data


Gender Female Female



Shikigami Summoning

Kechikechimoku (血血木) is a plant-type yōkai who appears in a story from the first novel. Her natural form is that of a tree and she originally survived by occasionally sucking a small amount of blood from passing humans and/or yōkai. However, as a result of construction, she was forced to leave her mountain home and ended up traveling to Ukiyoe Town. There, she took on the form of a girl in order to lure in prey from which she could suck blood. Unfortunately, maintaining a human form used up so much of her energy that she needed to suck a much larger quantity of blood, with a much higher frequency.

After a member of the One-Eyed Demon Clan and another Ukiyoe Town yōkai were attacked and taken to Yakuzen Hall for treatment, Zen became determined to discover the identity of their mysterious assailant. This resulted in an encounter between him and Kechikechimoku, where she started to suck his blood but was soon poisoned when he used his fear to release a toxin into his bloodstream as a countermeasure. Once she had told him her story, Zen told her to come to Yakuzen Hall the next time she needed blood so he could make a medicine that would restore her energy without her needing to attack someone.

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