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Due to Kana's cuteness and friendly behavior, she has some friends who are helping her out and encouraging her when she is afraid. She has great friends that are helping her out evenly when she is getting chased by a yōkai.

Nura Clan Edit

Rikuo Nura Edit

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Kana meets Rikuo's night form

Rikuo in his Night Form, ready to protect Kana

She knows Rikuo since childhood and she is the one who encourage him and still hung out with him when he was depressed after Kiyotsugu's information about Nurarihyon[1]. Kana always sees Rikuo's night form when her friends or she gets in trouble. She has a crush on his night form[2] which she thinks that Rikuo and his night form are friends because they are always on the same time[3], And at some instances.During the battle with the Hyaku Monogatari Clan, she found out of Rikuo's secret identity as a yōkai[4] and knows how to deal with it. She is always counting on Rikuo's help when she is in danger and the one who can eased her mind. She does care about Rikuo, evenly after the battle with the Hyaku Monogatari Clan. She told Tsurara that she was in shock after seeing his eyes changes and when she goes home, Tsurara ask her a question saying: "You'll be there...for Rikuo-sama right? In the place where he can return to" which she says yes[5].

Tsurara Oikawa/Yuki Onna Edit

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Grudge against each other

Kana vs. Tsurara

Kana and Tsurara were rivals because Tsurara is always around Rikuo and was suspicious that she and Rikuo were always going to the same place[6]. Most of the times, they were just discussing things with each other. They didn't discuss a lot of things when she found out their secret, but after the battle, she was talking with her about Rikuo when she came to visit him to bring him some homework from school[7]. Tsurara asks her "You'll be there...for Rikuo-sama right? At the place where he can return to", which she answers "Yes".

Yura Keikain

Yura and Kana are very close friends and are often seen together. Yura is very protective of Kana, always saving her from evil youkai and is very concerned about her safety. She also seems to support Rikuo and Kana as she once remarked after seeing Rikuo and Tsurara together, "Don't underestimate rabbits, Nura-kun" (referring to Kana).

References Edit

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