Inugamigyōbu Tamazuki


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(隠神刑部 玉章, Inugamigyōbu Tamazuki)

Personal Data


Gender Male Male


Astrological Sign Taurus April 27



Fear Type

Fear Icon Presence Presence


Nura Clan

Voice Actors


Vic Mignogna


Akira Ishida



Nurarihyon no Mago Chapter #20


Nurarihyon no Mago Episode #10

Appears in

Anime, Manga and Game


Shikigami Summoning

Inugamigyōbu Tamazuki is the Shikoku Arc primary villain. He is the eighth son of Inugamigyōbu Danuki's 88th wife and the one who most strongly inherited his father's divine power, leader of the Shikoku Hachijūhakki Yakō. His name was originally Tamazusa, but he changed it to Tamazuki as a symbol of his aspirations to become the master of all yōkai - both versions use the same kanji, however.


In his first appearance, he has short black hair and light brown eyes. After the battle with Rikuo, he has a large scar on his face and lost his right arm. In his yōkai form, he resembles his father in younger years, having large slightly light pink hair.


In the Shikoku arc, he was shown to have a rude and vicious personality. He only cares about subordinates that obey him and he doesn't mind killing them for his own achievements. However, later in the series, when he allied with Rikuo and the Nura clan, he demonstrated that he can be calm and collected when he has to be, and seems to feel some loyalty to Rikuo, to a certain extent. Despite of their past, they were seemingly on good terms now.

Techniques Edit

Inheriting his father's divine powers, he is able to perform the heritage technique, Leaves of Tamazusa (玉章の葉), where the user stir ups leaves around the area with their hands, trapping the opponent and themselves within a spiral of leaves. In response to Tamazuki's fear, the leaves will emit poison which would leave one's blood vessels to burst out profusely should they have any contact with it. Slicing of the leaves with barrages of sword strokes have proven ineffective, conversely aggravating the effect upon the defender themselves. He is also seen wielding a sword with ease.



Shikoku ArcEdit

Main article: Shikoku Arc

Gokadoin House ArcEdit

Main article: Gokadoin House Arc

He later shows up in the Nura House along with members of the Shikoku Hachijūhakki Yakō to attend an assembly of yōkai factions from all over the country. He supports Rikuo's proposition of a unified front against Abe no Seimei and his followers, and along with Dassai accompanies Rikuo takarabune bringing along his pet dog when he goes to the aid of the Kyushu yōkai, who were being annihilated by the Gokadoin clan. Upon arrival in Kyushu he ends up in a one-on-one encounter with Nagachika Gokadoin where he was victorious in battle.


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