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Inugamigyōbu Danuki: Tamazuki


Inugami Gyobu-Danuki: Tamazuki (隠神刑部狸・玉章, Inugamigyōbudanuki: Tamazuki)

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Inugamigyōbu Danuki: Tamazuki (隠神刑部狸・玉章, Inugamigyōbudanuki: Tamazuki) is chapter 46 of the Nurarihyon no Mago manga written by Hiroshi Shiibashi.

Summary Edit

Part of Tamazuki's mask breaks and falls from his face as a result of Rikuo's previous attack, and the latter orders Yura to look after the human bystanders while he battles Tamazuki, who has been empowered by slaughtering his own forces. Shōei reaches the location of the two commanders, recognizing Tamazuki as his sworn enemy - but before he can join the fight, the power of Tamazuki's Hyakki Yakō bursts from his back, increasing his strength even further. Those watching are stunned, and Yura wonders if such a powerful opponent can be defeated by the Nura Clan's leader. Tamazuki launches an attack which sends Rikuo flying, but the latter refuses his subordinates' attempt to engage the enemy commander in his stead and returns to the fight. Devastated by his opponent's attacks, Rikuo is once again sent to his knees - and his subordinates realize with a sense of horror that the sun has risen and Rikuo is changing back to his human form.

Tamazuki recalls how he inherited his father's spiritual power, how his brothers mocked his ambitions, and how he ended up receiving Maō's Hammer from a shadowy man who told him to form a Hyakki Yakō. Leveling his sword at Rikuo's throat, he claims that his fear has exceeded that of the Nura Clan's commander - but before he can injure Rikuo any further, he is assaulted by the combined force of Kubinashi, Kappa, Aotabō, Kurotabō, Yuki Onna and Shōei. Yet even they are unable to stop him and are pushed back. Tamazuki asks why they all follow such a weakling, and the weakling in question states that Tamazuki is only being manipulated by his own weapon. Recalling the sort of feeling his grandfather exudes, Rikuo concludes that the fear of a Hyakki Yakō is synonymous with admiration for their leader. Rikuo's subordinates realize that his day and night blood are mixing together, and he isn't fully reverting to his human form. Shōei recalls his father telling him his reason for following Nurarihyon, coming to the conclusion that Rikuo's assessment is correct.

Using his sword as a crutch, Rikuo pushes himself to his feet and declares his desire to protect the Nura Clan his grandfather created. Irritated, Tamazuki slashes at him only to discover he has sliced air instead of his opponent. While he tries to figure out what just happened, Rikuo launches an attack of his own - the Kyōka Suigetsu technique.

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