Hyakki Yako no Utage (百鬼夜行の宴)

This is the Seiyuu event for the second season of Nurarihyon no Mago. The event was split into a Day Event and a Night Event.

List of seiyuu who attended the event (in order of introduction)Edit

Jun Fukuyama - Rikuo Nura

Junji Majima - Karasu Tengu

Kisho Taniyama - Kiyotsugu

Ai Maeda - Yura Keikain

Aya Hirano - Kana Ienaga

Takahiro Sakurai - Kubinashi

Kōsuke Toriumi - Kurotabō

Tetsuya Kakihara - Jiro Shima

Yui Horie - Tsurara

Part 1 - IntroductionsEdit

The emcees (Jun Fukuyama and Junji Majima) decided randomly on the order of introduction by drawing lots. Each seiyuu were requested to prepare a message written on their respective scrolls, which they showed the audience during the introduction. The emcees revealed their messages after the other seiyuu had been introduced.

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