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Hiruko Gokadoin

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Nurarihyon no Mago Chapter #190

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Hiruko Gokadoin is one of the main antagonist of the Nurarihyon no Mago series. He is a member of the Gokadoin House, which he led from 1853 until 1867[1]. He considers himself as the strongest man in of the Gokadoin House[2].

Appearance Edit

Hiruko wears cornrows which from the beginning he has no colored cornrows in his hair only later. He seems to bear the five elements which his head is probably representing the woods. He got a blue right arm wrapped as ice and a red right arm showed as fire. He got a brown left leg which looks like sand and a gray-platinum right leg that looks like metal.

Personality Edit

He has a cruel and fearsome personality a character that depends too much on his powers. He seems always to be in a shock when his techniques got blocked or didn't do its work on how it actually should be. He said that he is the strongest man of the Gokadoin House[3] due to his powerful combinations of his elemental body. He's quite a show-off, a person who likes to show his skill to someone, as seen when he uses his Goun Kaikyū and asks Orochi if she saw it[4].

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Abilities Edit

Hiruko's Powers

The Wu Xing

Hiruko's arms and legs are representing the Wu Xing known as the Chinese Five Elements, with the complete cycle starting from wood to fire from fire to earth from earth to metal from metal to water and from water back to metal. His right arm obtains the element water and his left arm the element fire. His right leg has the element metal while his left leg got the element earth. His head has probably the element wood, while it also can be located at his belly. He sees himself as the strongest man of the Gokadoin House due to this supernatural ability. He can combine the opposing forces to create a technique which it seen as a disregards the laws of the five elements or the natural world.

For example, he can combine Water and Fire for a powerful energy explosion, when normally, water extinguishes fire. He can also combine Fire and Metal for scorching fireballs, even though Fire melt Metal.
His strongest technique involves combining all the five elements to create an even more powerful colossal ball of energy. Because of this he's known as one of the strongest amongst the Black Clothes.

Trivia Edit

  • Hiruko uses combining techniques that can be damageable, the wood is supposed to feed fire which the fire creates earth from the ashes and the earth bears metal which that carries the water which that is nourishing woods.

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