(狒々, Hihi)

Personal Data


Gender Male Male




Astrological Sign Cancer July 8



Height 225 cm
2.25 m
7.382 ft
88.583 in
Weight 114 kg
251.327 lb
Fear Type

Fear Icon Physical Physical


Nura Clan

Voice Actors


Kōji Tsujitani



Nurarihyon no Mago Chapter #9


Nurarihyon no Mago Episode #1

Appears in

Anime and Manga


Shikigami Summoning

Hihi (狒々, Hihi) is a well-respected Nura Clan board member and was the head of the Kanto Great Ape Alliance.


Despite his build, Hihi has a seemingly feminine appearance which is amplified by the Noh mask he is always seen wearing. Ironically, the face beneath the mask is more feminine-looking than the mask itself. He is tall with long dark hair partially tied back with ribbons and has large, apelike hands and feet. He is usually dressed in kosode and hakama.


Hihi is shown to be a quiet Yokai who rarely even speaks during meetings, anthough his quiet behavior he is loyal and has a liking to Nurarihyon.



400 years ago

Four hundred years ago, he was part of Nurarihyon's Hyakki Yakō and was among the Nura Clan forces who joined the assault on Ōsaka Castle. There, he fought against Kidōmaru. Their fight never reached a conclusion, as Hagoromo Gitsune's defeat, left her forces without a reason to continue battling. About three hundred years ago, Hehe was among the Nura Clan echelon whom Rihan would consult in times of crisis, such as when the Hyaku Monogatari Clan caused havoc.


Gyūki ArcEdit

Hehe attends the Nura Clan board meeting discussing the Kyūso Clan incident.

Shikoku ArcEdit

In the manga, he and his clan are suddenly attacked by Muchi and almost entirely wiped out. In the anime, this is still the case, but it happens as a result of Hihi having gone to investigate an incident in Bakeneko Alley but maybe he is alive.


While none of Hihi's specific techniques are shown in the manga, He was able to fight off Kidoumaru in his prime for the duration of the Nura Clans assault on Osaka Castle. Kidoumaru on the other hand, is powerful enough to defeat Rikuo with ease until he initiated a Matoi with Kuro. This too, is a possible testimony to Hehe's strength.


  • Shōei: While only seen in flashbacks, it is shown that Hihi and his son have a very strong relationship, and that Hihi probably cared for and loved his son deeply.
  • Nurarihyon: Hihi has revealed that he follows Rikuo's grandfather because he is "enthralled by his presence." He is extremely loyal to Nurarihyon, and even charged into Osaka Castle on his behalf.


  • (to Shōei) "The reason I follow the Nura Clan is because I am enthralled by the Supreme Commander. Whether you follow the next generation's supreme commander, Rikuo-sama, is up to you of the next generation to decide."


  • He ranked 39th in the first character popularity poll with 72 votes, tied with Natsumi Torii, Pato Keikain and Amezō.
  • Hihi is a large, monkey-like beast which lives deep in the mountains. It has long, black hair and a wide mouth with long, flapping lips. Old legends say that a monkey which reaches a very old age will transform into a hihi.