Hibari Torii


(鳥居ひばり, Torii Hibari)

Personal Data


Gender Female Female


Astrological Sign Cancer June 26

Height 135 cm
1.35 m
4.429 ft
53.15 in
Weight 33 kg
72.753 lb



Nurarihyon no Mago Chapter #26


Nurarihyon no Mago Episode #18

Appears in

Anime and Manga


Shikigami Summoning

Hibari Torii (鳥居ひばり, Torii Hibari) is Natsumi's grandmother and a patient in room 503[1] at the Ukiyoe General Hospital. When she was a teenager, she has been visiting Senba's shrine. After her granddaughter is struck by Sodemogi-sama's curse, she ventures outside the hospital in the rain, wheelchair-bound, in order to pray at Senba's shrine. She offers the thousand paper cranes that Natsumi had folded for her and prays to Senba to save her granddaughter any way he can. The strength of her belief and feelings are enough to provide Senba enough power to stabilize Natsumi's condition.

Synopsis Edit

Shikoku Arc Edit

Main article: Shikoku Arc

She was looking outside until Natsumi and Saori where visiting her. Natsumi then showed her grandmother a senbazuru, which only she and Saori had worked on it. She then ask Natsumi to take some out to make an offering to Senba[2]. Natsumi doesn't understand what Hibari is telling her, which she explains that Senba has been on this land a long time ago, and that he is something like a guardian god[3]. After that Hibari overheard that Natsumi is also been in the hospital, she seems to be worried. She then went outside in the rain to Senba's shrine and thanked him and ask him to save Natsumi.

Trivia Edit

  • In the anime, she was hospitalized during Natsumi's youth and subsequently healed when the latter prayed to Senba. In the manga, this is reversed and Hibari thanks Senba for helping Natsumi when the latter was ill as a child.
  • Her name "Hibari" can be translated as "Skylark" or "Lark".

References Edit

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